Rhodium (Chief Bee)
09-24-01 19:36
No 216899
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I have come across a wonderful reference book called "Designer Drugs Directory", where 104 to me known and quite a few unknown "designer drugs" of all classes (PEA's, Tryptamines, dissociatives, deliriants, THC's, stimulants and opioids etc.) are discussed with a merck-index-like monograph of one page each, with FULL references for the synthesis, pharmacology and analysis of almost each and every compound (taken from the net, forensic journals, books and chem journals).

This is a must-have for the serious researcher.

Title: Designer Drugs Directory
Authors: Karel Valter, Philippe Arrizabalaga
ISBN: 044420525X
Can be bought from: http://www.amazon.com
(Hive Bee)
09-25-01 02:11
No 217023
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147$. Expensive!
(Chief Bee)
09-25-01 07:12
No 217056
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Yes, but it is published by Elsevier Science... Everything they print costs too much, but what can you do?
(Hive Addict)
09-28-01 07:51
No 218137
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Rhod, you should write the first amazon customer review for it!  cool

"And if we don't get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, then we'll just be bogus too!"
09-29-01 14:58
No 218487
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re: "what can you do?"

scan it!
(Chief Bee)
09-29-01 15:27
No 218496
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Nah, if I put that online I'd be persecuted for copyright infringement. As a rule, I only HTMLize old or out of print stuff on my page, so that I won't unnecessarily break any laws.
09-29-01 23:59
No 218663
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Abolish all post icons!!!  Great reference R,  I'll be getting mine ...  as soon as my wife goes back to work.....


(Official Hive Translator)
10-01-01 00:17
No 218972
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Nah, if I put that online I'd be persecuted for copyright infringement

hey, aren't you supposed to bee the most wanted person on DEA's lists?smile If they are still unable to get you, then how in the world do you expect Elsevier to charge you with copyright violation?winksmilelaugh

That was said actually not very seriously - much more serious and true is the fact that if you scan smth. and turn it into a graphic text format (e.g., DejaVu) and upload it to someplace and give a link to it only to certain people you know - there's no fucken way not only for Elsevier, but even for CIA to learn about it.

Just a suggestion, though:))) - i understand that you're probably the busiest person on the Hive - so nevermind.


(Hive Bee)
10-07-01 20:03
No 221483
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You should have got yours when I got mine, I told you about this like 2 years ago

Post 104276 (Acme: "Re: Micro Scale Piperonylic Acid Synth - Black Pepper", Chemistry Discourse)

the book is fabulous.

DOPR on p 60 2-5 mg. 20-30 hrs, very impressive
(Pioneer Researcher)
10-14-01 18:15
No 224558
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Antoncho, when the I love you virus appeared, they located immediatly the origin in philipines, the phone number..., it makes think.
(Synaptic Cleft Mountaineer)
10-15-01 05:52
No 224763
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Yup, and making that virus is a criminal offense, while running this board and my site is not. I don't want to make myself an easy target.
11-18-01 08:11
No 238040
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An anonymous post to alt.binaries.ebooks - or one of the other e-books newsgroups will be safe and get the book distributed.

But scanning a whole book is many hours work. Someone else apart from Rhodium should do it.
(Hive Bee)
11-18-01 12:48
No 238084
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Can anyone say what's in the index?
(Hive Bee)
11-26-01 20:01
No 241078
      Re: Designer Drugs Directory  Bookmark   


 (lots of stuff)

Psychotomimetic phenethylamines

LSD analogues

Psychotomimetic Indolealkylamines

Synthetic Cannibinoids

PCP and its congeners


CNS Stimulants

Synthetic Opiates



Street names index



lots of references to PIHKAL and Microgram
(Hive Bee)
11-28-01 02:22
No 241572
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Are there any phenethylamines or similar psychedelics mentioned that are not in PiHKAL/TiHKAL?
11-28-01 10:57
No 241681
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Rhod: "so that I won't unnecessarily break any laws"

I thought allready making drugs is necessarily because of all the precursors in ESSENTIAL oils.wink
(Chief Bee)
11-28-01 11:53
No 241702
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I am a law-abiding citizen, I just write about drugs and chemistry, and that is not outlawed anywhere as far as I know. Obvious copyright violations is a prosecutable crime though.
(Hive Bee)
11-28-01 20:32
No 241933
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ALPHA (which has a small blurb in PIHKAL p718) and MALPHA the methyl amine of ie N-methyl-3,4-MDphenyl-1-propanamine

active, 60-100 mg, and from piperonal, Ethyl grignard the alcohol, then PCC one would suppose, animate you would have it
(Hive Bee)
11-29-01 15:03
No 242263
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Has alpha (or M-alpha) ever found its way to the market?

(Reason: SWINM has tasted very long ago an unknown pill which had the weird property that at low dosage, it only `wiggled' my vision in my central vision. At higher dosages this expanded to my whole vision, but also produced a full blown psychosis (think: the red santa claus puppet sitting on your telly is suddenly able to read your mind). Was also acting relatively short, 1 hour to come up, about 2-3 hours action. )

Later trials with `known' compounds never had the same `feel'.
(Hive Bee)
11-29-01 18:12
No 242331
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A seizure of ALPHA has been reported by Dutch authorities

Forensic Sci Int 77, p141 1996

Inconsistencies in getting fucked up are common I find, that mystery pill of yours will remain unknown unless an NMR is taken of it.
(Chief Bee)
11-29-01 18:42
No 242352
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"Novel" PEA's in DDR: Alpha, M-Alpha, 3-OMe-4-OEt-PEA (100-300mg, and its amphetamine, and also the 4-allyloxy), MD-Phenyl-3-aminobutane (200mg), MD-Phenyl-3-(methylamino)butane (200mg), MD-Phenyl-4-aminobutane (200-240 mg), p-EtO-Amphetamine.

Among the stimulants are  alpha-PEA, 4-methyl-alpha-PEA, diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol* (2-5mg), N,N-dimethylamphetamine (25-40mg), phenyl-2-aminobutane (20-40mg), 4-methylaminorex with the double bond reduced* (10-25mg), (2-hydroxyethyl)-amphetamine and 4-fluoromethamphetamine.

* "The CNS stimulant effect activity and synthesis of this compound was described by a clandestine chemist on the internet (alt.drugs.chemistry 1995) He also described the N-methyl analog synthesis, but active dose was omitted."

I cannot find the actual posts on www.deja.com - could someone on stimulants go through all the 1995 posts for a compound that looks like this?
(Hive Bee)
11-30-01 15:13
No 242717
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1996 could very well be possible. With phenethylamines, I've always felt `in control'[+]; mdma and mda have for me more a sort of obsessive-compulsive push, combined with some seriously psychotic insights, but they had a different flavour.

OTOH, taking drugs is about being psychotic for a short while cool.

[+] And I bet my ass that it has something to do with me being very mild, undiagnosed (thank goodness) Aspergers or whatever-is-the-name-du-jour; anyhow, me having a different dopamine/Dx-receptor makeup than most other people. *That* would be worth a scientific study, instead of all this neurotoxicity crap.
(Chief Bee)
11-30-01 16:54
No 242753
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You have Aspergers? Almost all interesting people I know have Aspergers/ADD, and similar disorders (diagnosed or not)... Me too. If I was a normal human being, I would never be able to manically maintain this site and my archive like I do... wink Thank god for psychiatric disorders, they make life so much more interesting.
(Hive Bee)
12-01-01 06:07
No 242990
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I'm not a doctor, so I'm not really sure how I would be diagnosed. OTOH, most doctors know shit about mental `disorders' unless they have them themselves cool.

But there are some typical characteristic in which I think I differ from `mainstream' people. Typical things like being able to ignore a hot/cold/sweaty/stinking environment. Clothing ditto: I wouldn't mind wearing the same jeans for weeks. Changing clothes generates only a lot of dirty laundry, but it is unfortunately required. In my adolescent days, I *hated* shopping for clothes. I still don't like it, but now I find the pattern-and-color-matching thing quite amazing.

A big giveaway is the way I deal with people and machines. I just don't `get' people; for me people are just black boxes, and I don't know how my input is related to their output. I also have a fenomenal talent for seeing small details in people's behavior, and totally missing the message they're shouting at me. Makes dealing with that other gender quite difficult. I also don't suffer from things as big ego; If it is necesairy, I don't mind to do some groveling. I just don't care. I'm also to honest for most humans.

Dealing with machines feels much more `natural' to me, because input/output often has a well-defined correlation, given enough study. I also have no problems focussing my attention for a few days on a boring problem. Most people just have no stamina for doing repetitive jobs, which require a lot of attention (such as wiring a breadboard, developing and debugging a 1000+ line C program, or looking up dozens of beilstein references.) Phenethylamines are an interesting form of self-medication for me. Somehow, they open up more bandwidth, and allow me to perceive details that I would have ignored otherwise.
(Hive Addict)
12-01-01 23:28
No 243202
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funny, i always thought rhodium's 'mental health' pic was because he was a psychiatrist.

(Chief Bee)
12-02-01 07:24
No 243269
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Formula54: The best psychiatrists are those that are more unwell than their patients. It is the only way they can have first-hand experience of what they are treating their patients for.

Okay, let's get back on topic. The mental health of the members of this board are a topic for the couch, and not the Serious Chemistry forum.
(Chief Bee)
05-21-02 09:54
No 311921
      Review of the book  Bookmark   

J. Med. Chem., 42 (9), 1681 -1681, 1999.

Designer Drugs Directory By Karel Valter and Philippe Arrizabalaga. Edited by Jean-Claude Landry. Elsevier Science, Lausanne, Switzerland. 1998. 212 pp. 17 x 25 cm. ISBN 0-444-20525-X. $154.00.

David E. Nichols

The title of this book is somewhat of a misnomer. The term "designer drug" as originally coined by toxicologist Gary Henderson was meant to apply to synthetic opiates that had been produced in clandestine laboratories in an effort to circumvent the drug laws that existed prior to 1986. Prior to that date, proscribed substances had to be explicitly named and described in the law. Thus, a prototype drug might be a controlled substance and formally described in the law, while the addition of methyl groups, aromatic fluorines, etc., gave rise to a plethora of equally pernicious or even more dangerous analogues that technically were not illegal substances. The controlled substances analogue act of 1986 largely remedied that loophole in the drug laws.

More recently, however, the definition of designer drugs has become less precise, as the authors note, and the term is now often applied to any illicit drug that is used recreationally. The title of this book would fit that definition.

The bulk of this book consists of listings for 107 different drugs, grouped by drug classifications according to 10 categories: psychotomimetics (3 chemical types), cannabinoids, PCP and its congeners, deliriants (antimuscarinics), CNS stimulants, synthetic opiates, methaqualone and its analogues, and GHB (-hydroxybutyrate). The various drugs included in each category have listed their IUPAC name, various common names, synonyms, and street names. Their CA registry number, CA name, the frequency of occurrence on the illicit market (e.g., rare, frequent, etc.), and other information such as dosage, duration of action, and any toxic effects that are known are also provided. A short description of each particular drug is usually offered, along with references where analysis methods such as MS or NMR have been reported. The subject index is reasonably complete, and if one hears the street name for one of the drugs, that term is usually in the index pointing to the entry with the chemical or common name.

The authors have attempted to provide coverage on all the drugs that are presently available, particularly on the rave scene that is so popular today in Europe. In addition, however, they have included analogues that they believe might become popular in the future. In most cases, their selection has been based on at least one seizure of the compound or its precursor(s), although it is not clear that in every example the drug represents a serious potential drug abuse threat. Some of the listed drugs were popular 10-15 years ago but have been only rarely seen on the illicit market since then. Their predictions of future drug problems may be more a matter of chance economics, although the clandestine chemists of today seem so literature savvy that some of them might well be tipped off to good "products" by a volume such as this one.

The real value of this directory lies in having key references and data for a given compound all collected together in one place. Therefore, the book will be particularly useful to forensic scientistsand analytical laboratories, to toxicology laboratories, and occasionally as a resource for attorneys involved in clandestine drug cases. For most practicing medicinal chemists, the high cost makes this book one to pass over.
05-24-02 07:58
No 313641
      Interesting!  Bookmark   

Wow, phenyl-2-aminobutane (20-40mg). Sounds very interesting, as does the book (sadly a little too expensive for me at the minute). Does anyone know whether this or its N-methyl counterpart is controlled, more specifically in the U.K? It isn't under The Misuse of Drugs (Designation) Order 2001. It should be easy to make using benzaldehyde, by replacing nitroethane with (unwatched!) nitropropane...laugh
(Stoni's sexual toy)
05-24-02 08:21
No 313647
      I'm not sure that nitropropane will work very ...  Bookmark   

I'm not sure that nitropropane will work very well in forming the nitrobutene.

I'm not fat just horizontally disproportionate.
05-24-02 09:49
No 313670
      hmm...  Bookmark   

...I see what you mean about nitropropane not working very well (for example see Pihkal #1 AEM); the yields seem very low. Maybe Grignard would be more effective, (again, Pihkal, #94 J) but a lot more complicated. Considering the simplicity and low cost of the former, maybe I could at least try ittongue and when it all goes wrong I'll report back! Unless of course anyone has the synthesis ref. from the Designer Drugs Directory?
(Hive Prodigy)
05-24-02 10:56
No 313693
      Straight out of the book, pg.  Bookmark   

Straight out of the book, pg.140:


[1]Noggle, F.T.; Clark, C.R.; Pitts-Monk, P.; Deruiter, J.: Microgram, XXIV, p.197, (1991)
[2]Marsh, D.F.: J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 94, [.426, (1948)

(Chief Bee)
05-24-02 12:01
No 313704
      I'd LOVE to get my hands on a complete set of ...  Bookmark   

I'd LOVE to get my hands on a complete set of Microgram, which is a classified internal DEA Publication, dedicated to the forensic chemistry of psychotropic drugs.

If someone reading this has access to that journal, PLEASE PM me!
(Master Searcher)
05-24-02 17:52
No 313805
      >I'd LOVE to get my hands on a complete set of ...  Bookmark   

>I'd LOVE to get my hands on a complete set of Microgram, which is a classified internal DEA Publication, dedicated  to the forensic chemistry of psychotropic drugs.

Is there a chance that the freedom of information act could be used to get copies?  Maybe parts of it could be declassified.  Maybe one of the reasons its classified is because it shows that drugs aren't as dangerous as the establishment says they are.

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(Hive Bee)
05-24-02 20:10
No 313858
      well actually...  Bookmark   

C'mon now Rhod of course you have all the copys of Microgram, we all know you are really Asa Hutchinson (Administrator or the DEA)!

PolytheneSam: Good point...  Freedom of Information Operations Unit of the DEA is the best avenue to look to, to get this - if possible.

The folling taken from the DEA web site...

What Records Can Be Requested Under The FOIA?
... and (6) administrative staff manuals that affect the public.

Alright - that sounds like a possibility...

Reasons Access May Be Denied Under the FOIA

An agency may refuse to disclose an agency record that falls within any of the FOIA's nine statutory exemptions...

Exemption 1: Classified Documents

The first FOIA exemption permits the withholding of properly classified documents. Information may be classified in the interest of national defense or foreign policy.
The rules for classification are established by the President and not the FOIA or other law. The FOIA provides that, if a document has been properly classified under a presidential Executive Order, the document can be withheld from disclosure.

Exemption 2: Internal Personnel Rules and Practices

The second FOIA exemption covers matters that are related solely to an agency's internal personnel rules and practices. As interpreted by the courts, there are two separate classes of documents that are generally held to fall within exemption two.
First, information relating to personnel rules or internal agency practices is exempt if it is trivial administrative matter of no genuine public interest. A rule governing lunch hours for agency employees is an example.
Second, an internal administrative manual can be exempt if disclosure would risk circumvention of law or agency regulations. In order to fall into this category, the material will normally have to regulate internal agency conduct rather than public behavior.

Are you sure Microgram is classified or just restricted in circulation? Cuse I think one could probably get a copy of this!

FOIA Contact:
Freedom of Information Operations Unit (SARO)
Drug Enforcement Administration
700 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
(202) 307-7596

(Chief Bee)
05-24-02 21:44
No 313895
      "Classified" is probably not the correct word, my ...  Bookmark   

"Classified" is probably not the correct word, my english sux.

What I mean to say is that Microgram is in very limited circulation, I believe only forensic laboratories and related institutes can subscribe to it, with perhaps a few stray copies in other places. "Restricted access" is probably a better word than "classified".

Shulgin seems to reference it pretty much: http://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/e_for_ecstasy/e_for_ecstasy-a4-1.shtml

Another restricted publication I would really want to get my hands on is Journal of Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association. You can look at a few of their abstracts at my page: ../rhodium/chemistry /clic.html Don't forget to check out the enormously interesting publications you can't order at the bottom of the page:

A Review of the Synthesis of P-2-P, Amphetamine and Methamphetamine (2 volumes)
SAR, Synthesis and Precursor Preparation of MDA and Its Analogs and Homologs (4 volumes)
A Review of the Synthesis and Analysis of PCP and Its Analogs
A Review of the Synthesis and Analysis of Fentanyl and Its Analogs

Actually, the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists (CLIC) Association once had a home page, but in late 1997 the URL to that got posted in alt.drugs.chemistry and in just a few days the visits to the page increased from a dozen a day to several thousands, so they removed it completely, and instead displayed a sign saying "Due to the recent interest in our page from readers of the usenet group alt.drugs.chemistry, we have decided to shut it down for public viewing. We'll be back soon with a password-protected members only version." or something to that effect. The site had loads of interesting information (the abstracts above was just 1/10 of the fun stuff)

(Chief Bee)
05-25-02 00:29
No 313930
      a.d.c.  Bookmark   

Here! I found an old a.d.c post about this:

"Since the time necessary for normal modes of publication of this information is quite lengthy, the DEA edits and publishes a monthly newsletter entiltled 'Microgram' which is 'restricted to forensic scientists serving law-enforcement agencies'...The DEA has chosen to control dissemination of this information since practical information that would be of considerable use to clandestine drug manufactuerers is also frequently included'.

If I told you any more I'd have to kill you...

If you were reading a.d.c a few months ago, you would have seen the dicussion of http://www.crl.com/~rogely/index1.htm, the homepage of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association, which also publishes a restricted journal. The site had a bunch of abstracts, some with tantalizing titles mentioning corrections of Uncle Fester and such. When a discussion broke out in a.d.c, they reported it on the page in the 'breaking news' section, quoting messages from the thread. Then they said they were going to take the site down because it was attracting too much attention. I haven't looked in a while so I don't know if it is still there or not.

05-25-02 01:08
No 313939
      phenyl-2-butanone  Bookmark   

You can synthesize phenyl-2-aminobutane surely from phenyl-2-butanone. This precursor is commercially available but very expensive (as expensive as gold). I've synthesized it a few years ago from phenylacetic acid, propionic anhydride and sodium acetate in approx. 40 percent yield. Reaction conditions the same like P2P synthesis with acetic anhydride. Unfortunately, one attempt a month ago to produce 1-phenyl-2-methylaminobutane with Al/Hg/methylamine was a failure, I still don't know why because I have some experience in this type of reaction with MDP2Bfrown.
(Chief Bee)
05-25-02 02:58
No 313965
      phenyl-2-butanone  Bookmark   

I would be very interested in a detailed writeup of your phenyl-2-butanone synthesis. Have you tried condensation of benzaldehyde and 1-nitropropane, followed by either reduction to the amphetamine, or Fe/AcOH reduction to phenyl-2-butanone?

Could you post the details of your Al/Hg amination procedure you used on phenyl-2-butanone, so that we perhaps can help you find what went wrong? Did you model the reaction after Shulgin's Methyl-J synthesis?

(Master Searcher)
05-25-02 04:45
No 314000
      big ugly DEA building  Bookmark   

There's one big problem.  If that journal is at that big ugly DEA building a couple blocks from the Pentagon City Metro station then you can't bring a scanner or camera in there.  I'm wondering if I could even xerox anything in the building.  Probably not.  If it was in there then I'd have to copy it by hand or take notes.  It might be at another library, though.

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(Chief Bee)
05-25-02 05:55
No 314013
      Microgram  Bookmark   

I remember reading somewhere that Microgram has a circulation of about 1500 copies, so it must be available both here and there, but of course only in DEA-affiliated corners of the world.

Could someone who can speak english please call any DEA office and ask if you could get the table of contents for the complete collection of Microgram, and what requirements they have for obtaining copies of selected articles. Call from a public phone, and tell them you are doing a paper on designer drugs and have seen many interesting references to their publication.
(Master Searcher)
05-25-02 06:08
No 314016
      http://www.loc.gov/  Bookmark   

You could look here.  http://www.loc.gov/
Calling government offices is often futile.  They give you phone numbers for other people to talk to and/or try connect you with other people who might be out of their office.  You can leave a message, though.  Often there is a voice menu which you have to listen to for a long time. 

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(Distinctive Doe)
05-25-02 20:23
No 314283
      its in some libraries  Bookmark   

swif wouldn't know how many libraries
She might go look thru them when she has time,

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
06-07-02 17:33
No 318702
      Regarding diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol, I ...  Bookmark   

Regarding diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol, I have now looked through all the posts in alt.drugs.chemistry in 1995 for threads which looked like they could be about the above (without any stimulants!). I found nothing. However google seemed to be missing a lot of posts around jun - apr so maybe it's there...

This compound makes me very interested. If the dosage is right it must be one of the most potent stimulants ever! If I would say that the structure is Ph2-COH-(2-pyrrolidinyl) would I be right? If we can't locate the posting to alt.drugs.chemistry, how would one go about to synth this thing? React HC=O-(2-pyrrolidinyl) with 2 mol PhMgBr perhaps? But I suppose you would first have to N-protect, unless you were making the N-methyl.

Edit: I've thought about it some more and relalized that it won't work with HC=O-(2-pyrrolidinyl), you have to use CH3O(C=O)-(2-pyrrolidinyl), then it should work. If the "drawing" is unclear it's supposed to be a methyl ester. I've seen a reaction that does just that.
(Master Searcher)
06-07-02 19:47
No 318747
      Microgram  Bookmark   

Microgram seems to be available only to LE forensics labs and scientists.

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(Chief Bee)
06-08-02 11:57
No 318913
      JCLICA  Bookmark   

Sam: I suppose the same restrictions apply to Journal of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association?
06-13-02 10:42
No 320815
      Ok, now I've found out how to make the compound I  Bookmark   

Ok, now I've found out how to make the compound I was talking about earlier. Direct your attention to Patent FR 3638M.

The patents main thing is not the methanol but the methane. They patent this for CNS stimulant activity. It is made through the ethyl ester of proline to the methanol mentioned earlier in this thread, and then reduced. They do not N-protect however so their yields seem quite low.

What bugs me is that they say the dosage for the methane is 25-100mg and 100-700mg daily. Can it really get that much less potent just by reducing the methanol to a methane? The methanol is supposed to be 2-5mg, remember. This makes me wonder if perhaps the chemist in alt.drugs.hard was lying, or perhaps even Designers drug directory.

Edit: Oops, corrected one methane which should have been methanol.
(Chief Bee)
06-13-02 15:25
No 320907
      Médicament Psychotonique  Bookmark   

Josef: For us who do not speak french fluently, could you please translate the synthetic details for both compounds as well as their pharmacology? If you do that, I'll put the document on my page.
06-13-02 15:48
No 320915
      I don't speak french fluently either...  Bookmark   

I don't speak french fluently either... I have studied it for 3 years in "high school", and I've managed to forget most of it. So perhaps some other french bee is better of translating it. But if noone else have translated it after some time has passed I'll give it a try.

And also, there is only pharmacology data for the methane, not for the methanol.
(Distinctive Doe)
06-21-02 16:38
No 323804
      Oh yea?  Bookmark   

Microgram seems to be available only to LE forensics labs and scientists.

Then why does a public library that SWIF knows of has this on the shelf?

Maybe I'll do some more digging to see what I can come up with
(Master Searcher)
06-21-02 16:47
No 323808
      So what are you waiting for?  Bookmark   

So what are you waiting for?  Start xeroxing, scanning and uploading it somewhere. 

What's this mean?



Applicant Eligibility:   Forensic laboratories or scientists doing work for law enforcement agencies.

Beneficiary Eligibility:   Forensic laboratories or scientists doing work for law enforcement agencies.

Credentials/Documentation:   The applicant must apply on official letterhead of a law enforcement agency.

The hardest thing to explain is the obvious
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
06-27-02 02:41
No 326003
      Just One Synth!  Bookmark   

  Please scan/post just one interesting dissociative synth.. Just one synthesis fix![Smacking my arm to get my info-vein to the surface]smile

Love my country, fear my government.
08-12-02 00:18
No 344570
      Microgram abstracts  Bookmark   

I have put my collection of Microgram abstracts online, for all your browsing pleasure.
Rhodium is going to put them on his page (or here) in september.

foxy2: Did you ever find microgram on your library shelf?

Got democracy?http://www.dhushara.com/book/multinet/democ/wed.htm
(Hive Bee)
08-12-02 09:35
No 344660
      articles  Bookmark   

Will we get the articles as well or just the abstracts?

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
08-12-02 18:30
No 344893
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As you may have noticed, "Microgram" is resricted in it's circulation.
They term it "controlled circulation". Thus, it is not easy to get the articles unless one works in the forensic area. I'm am glad just to have the abstracts, as it provides some insight into microgram.
Ofcourse, I would much prefer the full articles, and if i ever get hold of some of them, i will share. This may be possible for me at some time in the future, but not now frown. I'd love to know if anybee has access to more than i do in this area.

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(Hive Bee)
08-12-02 23:56
No 344996
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You could always ask your librarian to request some articles from Microgram smile. The distribution of the magazine is limited, the distribution of requested articles by libraries is not. Although the scientific contribution of Microgram is rather low (you won't find sensational new synthesis routes or hidden possibilities to double your yields), it is a very useful magazine, especially for newbees. It regularly contains reviews of synthesis routes, together with suspected impurities etc. But very interesting - and that is to everyone - are the pages that deal with new finds and oddities: heroine from Pakistan is blablabla, meth lab bust in Cali reveals new synth method blablabla, newest blotting paper from Kansas blablabla, DEA's plans for the future *cough*, Training sessions (by for instance the DEA smilesmilesmile) etc etc etc.
SWiM has a couple of their articles, and he is delighted a bee made the effort to put all their abstracts online. For who can get this magazine, try and read it... The title could have been Official Forensic Chemistry Bulletin of the DEA as well... Thanks ChemisTris!

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08-27-02 07:12
No 349638
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Something similar to this, but from bygone era, can be had by reading The Bulletin of Narcotic Drugs (http://www.undcp.org/bulletin_on_narcotics.html).

Also, The Journal of Forensic Sciences has insight into the working of the Evil Empire. There is also a journal called International Journal of Legal Medicine which I think has articles by forensic chemists.
04-25-03 07:33
No 429337
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Taken from http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/programs/forensicsci/microgram/archives.html:

Requests for Microgram Archives, 1967 - 2002

All issues of Microgram (November 1967 - March 2002) and the first nine issues of its successor Microgram Bulletin (April - December, 2002) were Law Enforcement Restricted publications, and are therefore (permanently) unavailable to the general public. [Note that this restriction includes requests made under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.]

Past issues or individual sections of issues (e.g., specific articles) are available to law enforcement affiliated offices and laboratories. Requests from such offices and laboratories must be made on official letterhead and mailed to:

Deputy Assistant Administrator
Office of Forensic Sciences
Drug Enforcement Administration
2401 Jefferson Davis Highway
Alexandria, VA 22301

Note that requests made via email will not be honored.

However, it would appear that access to the more modern articles is possible:
Microgram Bulletin and Microgram Journal (hereafter collectively referred to as Microgram) are both unclassified (as of the January 2003 issues), and are published on the DEA public access website (www.dea.gov). Private citizens should use the website to access Microgram.

I looked around, and got the address for the Microgram Bulletins - I think this is what you're after http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/programs/forensicsci/microgram/bulletins_index.html

Hope this is of some interest, and that it isn't redundant!
(Hive Addict)
04-25-03 09:46
No 429350
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CL happens to know for a fact that ALL of the issues of microgram are about to magically appear on the web in the next couple of months ( no I'm not associated w/ the project, so don't ask for copies).  Scanning is just about complete... I predict around june or so..

  I'm sure this smashing blow for freedom which will include all copies from 1970 to present, will greatly facilitate efforts here...laugh

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
(Hive Bee)
05-09-03 11:55
No 432360
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no (afaik) university, -public or private libraries in the SE hold any copies. :source(TFSE)

these include some rather large medical repositories.

you know forensics is more likely to show up in law libraries - right.

but still looking........
(Distinctive Doe)
05-10-03 08:23
No 432482
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Microgram really isn't worth looking for.  Its more like good entertainment for bees with a few worthwhile tidbits scattered around. 

I saw a pic of the first acid I ever ate in it.  That was neat.
05-31-03 04:20
No 436763
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so.... i've scanned the entirety (except for the last, completely useless 30+ pages of chemical name indexes - if it gets OCR'd, then theres no point, as all synonyms are on the pages themselves and you can just grep/find, eh?) of the DDD as b&w .TIFs, and now am waiting for someone to OCR the damn thing. its really not worth the money - the actual cost comes out to about $1 per page, they use the biggest typeface and largest margins possible, and leave a blank page every chance they get. the one interesting thing ive taken from it so far is the morpholine analogue of LSD - the authors claim that you can make it by simply heating ergotamine and morpholine together, but the actual report is unpublished. i had a chance to ask Nichols and Shulgin both about it, and they said it certainly didnt seem all that facile. maybe someone here can test it out and put the lie to their words, or not.

anyways, if youre willing to take on the task of OCRing this book and/or hosting such a blatant and egregious copyright violation on your site, message me.