Chromic (Hive Addict)
09-26-01 08:08
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I love smoking, more over, I love the rush of nicotine.

Is there any way to extract the nicotine easily (ie no picric acid, or other hard to find chemicals) that will give me a somewhat safer smokable product (doesn't matter if it requires a pipe to smoke). I've read it's mostly the other crap in tobacco which is most dangerous.

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09-26-01 08:26
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It should be available in the pesticide section of a hardware store!smile I chew nicotine gum but it is not the same as smoking. The taste of the PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons in the smoke are half of the pleasure.
(Chief Bee)
09-26-01 11:54
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Amazonas indians use tobacco water extract enemas in certain rituals.
(Hive Bee)
09-26-01 17:51
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Make sure to look up the MSDS before you dose! I heared it's very toxic.
(Distinctive Doe)
09-26-01 18:34
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Yea I read somewhere that for a non smoker three cigarettes is enought nic to kill them, one pack will definately kill ya

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09-26-01 18:37
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Very toxic indeed!  Extracting the nicotine from Red Man chewing tobacco via the method listed on some anarchists sties on the web reportedly gives you a deadly poison.  It supposedly can be administered by pouring some of the concentrated syrup in a glass that will be used for holding strong alcoholic libations and allowing it to dry.  When the liquor is poured in, it dissolves the lethal dose of nicotine. tongue

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09-26-01 22:24
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I obviously need it in a smokable form, but if I could smoke say 10mg extract instead of say 100mg tobacco (ie 1/4 of an average cigarette is normal for me) each time I reach for a smoke, I'm sure my lungs would breath easier.

I've read that nicotine is volatile with steam, is water really the best way to go??
(Hive Bee)
09-27-01 01:07
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  Starting with cigars, a simple water or alcohol extraction is fine for concentrating the nic. Chaw & cigarettes have much nic removed. Boil cigars, filter out leaf then boil down to a tar. Makes an excellent blow-gun dart poison for small rodents. WARNING: NICOTINE IS A CHOLINESTERASE-BLOCKING NERVE POISON. FORTY (40) TO SIXTY (60) MILLIGRAMS CAN KILL A HUMAN. Try one of the new nicotine inhalers for a prototype, and do a chromotographic or LD-50 assay to determine the strength of extract before you kill yourself by accident. Why not stick with something safe like heroin???
(Hive Bee)
09-27-01 12:31
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Hi Chromic!
Uemura has somewhere around a detailed procedure to get the pure nicotin from tabbacco (no picrin azid needed). If you are interested he is willing to do a deeper search for the article. May bee in german, but not sure. Let him know

Carpe Diem
09-27-01 13:23
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Tobacco dust can be had for around $10 $15 per 10kg at any well stocked nursery.

(Hive Addict)
02-05-02 04:30
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>Make sure to look up the MSDS before you dose! I heared it's very toxic.


SWIM tried a DCM extract (~500ml total) on 50g tobacco with 35ml clear household ammonia to free the nicotine. The DCM was fractionally distilled off, the remains dissolved into 15ml water, filtered 2x (again, harder than it sounds, nicotine is full of waxes/tars which are water-insoluble). (I think I should have concentrated the DCM then extracted with brine and citric acid, then basified with ammonia, and extracted with DCM, boiled off, etc. That type of acid/base could have increased the purity somewhat)

Anyways, it was loaded into a nasal sprayer that dispenses 100uL at a time. Dosage was somewhere around 5mg in that 100uL (assuming 4wt% nicotine tobacco, 50% yield). Took one shot, woah.. NASTY taste. 5 minutes later, I wanted to throw up and felt generally ill. 30 mins it peaked, 2 hrs I was back to baseline and felt OK. Yuck!

However, the most important piece of info: NO NICOTINE RUSH.

What am I doing wrong? Is smoking/IV'ing the other way? Swim wants a habit that does not include inhaling carbon monoxide.
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02-05-02 04:52
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Swim wants a habit that does not include inhaling carbon monoxide.

The Simple Solution = smoke imaginary cigarettes


*On second thought, you may wish to give up smoking all together; even with the "imaginary cigarettes," the friendly DEA agent following you may mistake it for code, and decide to speed up their investigations...

(Hive Bee)
02-05-02 05:30
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Why no just quit smoking. If you need nicotine that bad wear some patches 2 or 3  or whatever.

We'll soon FIND OUT if I'm a chemist or not!
(Hive Bee)
02-05-02 08:36
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You might find Lobeline, from lobelia interesting...

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02-05-02 19:08
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Why not smoke a master size head and keep the smoke, best before u smoked the first cigarette this day.
A friend of mine was knocked out that way a few seconds (he was smoker that time).
I remember my first cigarettes made me sense the light of the street lightning in a very cool way
maybe i should quit fore a year....

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02-05-02 22:45
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I know a small dog which loves to eat cigarettes and butts. Apparently doggy ate half a pack or so recently. Apparently doggy didn't even get sick. I was taught that the amount of nicotine in one pack is enough to kill a human. And then there is this little doggy which just eats them without even barfing, or apparent signs of being sick. How can that bee?

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02-05-02 23:08
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Dogs also eat shit, and sometimes lick antifreeze. They are just outright lucky animals.

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(Hive Bee)
02-07-02 08:27
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I have read (I think) somewhere that it takes dogs much higher doses of chemicals to achieve the same effect a human would. Of course this is relative to the size of the dog and the size of the human. Not sure if it's specific to the specie of dog or not. Then again I could have thought of this while dreamingcrazy

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02-07-02 11:13
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This is true for most small animals. But still, eating half a pack or more of cigs and no signs of toxicity? That dog must have quite some tolerance.

I'm not fat just horizontally disproportionate.
(Chief Bee)
02-07-02 13:53
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How about some nicotine analogs? Anabasine is the six-membered non-aromatic ring analog of nicotine. It appears in the plant Nicotiana Rustica, and should also be very easy to make. Anabasine is proven to be psychoactive.
02-08-02 06:10
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  Err... hi.

  Doesn't the '-ine' in 'nicotine' indicate that it's an alkaloid?  Wouldn't A/B be the best way to go, with the proper safety measures (i.e. treat the shit kinda like LSD, don't spill 500ml of supersaturated nicotine solution on yourself)?

  If I remember correctly, nicotine oxidizes readily into a brownish liquid, reminiscent of, well, a nicotine stain... if you wish to avoid this, you might want to -store- it like LSD, too.

  Last I checked, the average cigarette yielded about 1mg via standard analysis, when smoked... so 1/4 cigarette would be about 250 mics... yeah, micrograms...

  I've actually been looking into this a bit myself - I'm more of a junkie than you describe yourself to be.  The tobacco companies usually convert it to its free base anyways, just so you know the starting place... make 1 drop = 250 mics, (or for me, about 1-2 mg), keep away from heat, light, and oxygen (isn't it ironic that 'party stores' sell helium?), drop it in a base/oil pipe (often called by the horribly uneducated 'crackpipes' or 'crankpipes' - there's SO much more out there in this world than just one or two things...)

  Try not to kill yourself.  Most of the rush is the nicotinic dopaminergenic response - prefrontal cortex, I think... there's a nice sedation from the beta-2 nicotinic acetylcholergens - nicotine and cytisine share nearly the same mode of operation, here... check out a crystallized broom, sometime, if you want to see it without dopamine.  :)


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02-08-02 06:17
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The approach I took was to extract with DCM, dissolve in water, filter, then use as is.

The average nicotine content of tobacco is 3-4%. The average cigarette is about 400mg of tobacco, so it contains about 12-16mg of nicotine. Most is destroyed on burning, so only about 1mg reaches you. My spray delivers somewhere around 5mg. To most people, even smokers, it will make them queasy. It still doesn't give a good rush tho... most nicotine nasal spray delivers 0.5mg. I want to design something that has the hand-to-mouth and also works by inhalations. I'd love suggestions!
03-05-02 07:33
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I saw a murder mystery once where someone did a nicotine
extraction on a few cigars.
He then took some of the extract up in a syringe and
injected the victims cigarettes with the syringe.
After they dried, they contained a lethal dose of
Needless to say, the victim lit up a cigarette--took 3
big hits--and then fell over dead.
Columbo I think it was.
03-06-02 22:58
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Could one simply buy nicotine from a chem supply company?

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03-07-02 05:17
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Yeah, I'm sure nicotine could be bought from larger suppliers, and specially ordered from smaller ones. However, my question is on how to extract it.

I'd also like to add that I've tried to extract with acidic water, strain, filter with cloth, then basify and extract with DCM. This method did not work and resulted in a really bad emulsion. It is interesting to note that when one acidifies a solution of tobacco that the smell of nicotine disappears! It smells like tea. smile

So to sum it up, this method seems to work OK:
- 20g clear household ammonia
- 50g tobacco
- cover with DCM

stir/reflux for a while (do not use a flask as it clumps!), strain away tobacco plant debris, distill off DCM. Add water, filter. This gives a brownish liquid.

However, I've also further processed it by taking the extract acidifying, washing with DCM, basifying and extracting into DCM. Then distilling it off, and adding water gave a good clear clean nicotine solution. The recovery of the A/B was somewhere around 50%.
03-15-02 03:48
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WAIT! This info is straight from a manual I have which teaches you how to assassinate your fellow man. "Nicotine is a terrible poison. One drop of pour nicotine has been knows to kill in as little as 15 minuets .it is great to put a few drops in an opponents shot glass and make a bottoms up toast to senator fullbright it's taste is pretty well covered by wine, especially sweet wine. It's not so good for drinks that have to be sipped or savored. Few poisons are. You can get pure nicotine form the kind of snuff that comes in round, flat boxes. Pour it into a water glass and add just enough water to cover it all. After about 24 hours pour the mess in to a handkerchief that has been stuffed in to another glass. Then lift out the handkerchief and twist the edges so that the snuff forms a ball. Continue twisting until all of the liquid is squeezed out. Pour the liquid into a small saucepan and put it on a low fire. When the liquid has evaporated to bout a tee spoon of thick syrup it is finished. It is best to dilute with enough water so it will easily leave a medicine dropper. A few drops should do the trick. " The next reference is an old army trick. Soldiers used it to make them selves sick more often than killing themselves. "Nicotine is also a good way to commit suicide if you are a prisoner. Just collect a hand full of cigarette buts and strip the paper off if you're a neat person. Soak them for several hours in water if possible. If you're being watched you can slip them into your coffee. At the last minute it's best to gulp the whole thing down. Best to do it on an empty stomach. If you keep your mouth shut for a few minuets even if they pump your stomach it'll be too late." I also have an extensive back round in pathology and have done quite a bit of research in to poisons. I think you should just quit cold turkey. Many of my friends have done this and with a little support it can be done. If you're serious about doing this I must warn you many almost all of the people who die by accidental poisoning don't know what's going on and die in confused stuper. When they make their way to the coronerís office they have looks of absolute terror on their faces. PLEASE don't attempt this unless you know what you're doing!

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