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09-27-01 18:38
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never give up - been searching - found some data on sleepy grass - containing acrenomium symbiotic neophytes.

local southwest US.

according to accessed data this grass contains "2ug per dried gram" lsa.

that's not much but

1- its available in unlimited unwatched quantities
2- it can batch extracted - duh I better not say that---------
Ok - can it be batch extracted?

always appreciate your time and consideration
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09-27-01 21:27
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A slow dry, with little excess heat would do the job, but I would dry with a chemical like MgSO4.

Do you have the reference in the journal of Nueral toxins? 
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09-27-01 21:36
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By the way here is a picture of Sleepy Grass

in case this doesn't work here is the link
09-29-01 04:54
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The goodies are actually from a fungus which invades the seed coats.  Seeds are easy to come by, but I have often wondered of the fungal sybiont would maintain itself with the plant after germination and growth.
09-30-01 00:26
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intersting point but the horses and cattle that go into a sleep are eating the plant.

Clay seems to think the plant is host to the symbiot or maybe I misunderstood him.

I have only read the abstract of the Natural Toxins article so. Do you have access to this Dec 18 1992 journal?

If I would like to somehow get a copy.

always appreciate your time and consideration
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10-01-01 20:38
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You might have a similar problem encountered with the phalaris sp. in that the junk might so outweigh the good stuff that an extraction might prove difficult, and with even lower yields than expected.  Extra critical attention might be in order.

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10-02-01 21:33
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Okay noted but that brings up a couple of questions

Since this is approximately OTC then the hassle of extraction of the lsa would be worthwhile.

If 2um/g then how much lsa needs to be converted in order to achieve - oh say an ounce of the final product?

And for that matter is this procedure LSA > LSD a viable one? As opposed to "other reactions"- seems like I remember a discussion on LSA.

I have copied several refs from the journals  on this but have not yet disseminated the data into my pea brain yet. Not that I would understand all the nuances anywho.

always appreciate your time and consideration
10-05-01 23:00
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I have attempted extraction of a huge number of alkaloids from a huge number of plants. I can assure you that if you are looking for viable precursors to LSD it is MUCH MUCH easier to spend a little extra time and money obtaining ergotamine etc. then trying to extract LSA's from natural sources. IMO, the ways of getting LSD precursors rate like this, in order of preference:

1) Buy ergotamine/ergocristine/etc.
2) culture claviceps spp.
3) bulk extract ergotamine from migraine pills
4) bulk extract LSAs from HBRW
5) bulk extract LSAs from MG
6) bulk extract LSAs from stipa robusta

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