legionbob (Newbee)
10-02-01 12:44
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      Trypt + acetone via Al/Hg = ?  Bookmark   

     A recent post suggested reacting tryptamine (as the amine) with MDP2P (the MDMA precursor ketone).   This got me to thinking about treating tryptamine as the amine in an amination reaction, which leads to an odd notion:

Tryptamine + 2-propanone (acetone) reduced with Al amalgam.

     So.  In the MDP2P --> MDMA reaction the amalgam successfully rips of the ketone oxygen and sticks a monoamine in it's place.   Might this work to stick a isopropyl group onto tryptamine?  Would it continue to TWO groups?    Hmm, DiPT can't be that easy, can it?   And if the basic idea works, why not extend it?   Tryptamine plus formaldahyde, reduced via amalgam to DMT?
      Well that's the random ramblings for the day.   Could it work?

Legion Bob
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(Chief Bee)
10-02-01 13:22
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I believe that one isopropyl group would stick using that method, but that two would be too crowded for a reversible mechanism like imine formation.
(Hive Bee)
10-02-01 13:32
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      Re: Trypt + acetone via Al/Hg = ?  Bookmark   

perhaps acetaldehyde for DET, or 1-Propanone for DPT?
(Chief Bee)
10-02-01 13:40
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      Re: Trypt + acetone via Al/Hg = ?  Bookmark   

1-propanone is more correctly called propionaldehyde.

Yes, it would most likely work, but use NaBH3CN as the reducing agent. Use essentially the same reaction parameters as in KrZ' DMT synthesis.