Mr_Night_Time (Stranger)
10-04-01 13:55
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It may not seem a relevant question but this kind of work helps me smoke screen.

Iíve got this Metrohm 684 KF Coulometer with a 688 KF Oven.
I want to use it to determine the moisture content of a solid.

The handbook says ď Fill catholyte solution into generator electrode until the level of the liquid inside the generator electrode is 2Ö3 mm below that outsideĒ. (i.e. 2Ö3 mm below the level of the anolyte)

How can this work? The generator electrode has 4 holes around its side, 2mm away from the bottom.  Wont the catholyte just mix up with the anolyte in the main chamber of the titration vessel?

I donít think itís helping here that the titration vessel and its attachments donít seem to be the same as those detailed in the handbook.

That shouldnít matter, as I know someone has used this equipment successfully in the past.  (They are not around anymore so I canít ask)

Could it be that it only uses a single component (anolyte)?

Making progress but still out of my depth.