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10-05-01 00:17
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Yes now itīs possible!!!!!!!!!
(that doesnīt mean you have to stop to be a criminal)
Sorry but I think itīs only for the very GOOD ones, of us...
(Hive Bee)
10-05-01 04:42
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Holy shit, guys. CHECK THIS OUT!

Innocentive 40742, and I quote:

"The following substituted indole is in need of an efficient synthetic strategy. This molecule has been previously reported in the literature but the existing routes may be lengthy, expensive and low yielding. Devise and execute the "best" synthetic pathway."

POSTED: AUG 21, 2001
DEADLINE: FEB 01, 2002
$75,000 USD

Holy shit! Is that close enough to home for you!?


P.S. Hive donations can now be made as formal writeups to Rhodium with the corresponding contract information, so The Hive can get 75k as a donation!cool

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10-05-01 07:20
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     Thanks for pointing that site out, I can't properly convey the value of these 2 posts. If you have access to the right literature and have an actual drive to work, you don't have to answer to anyone for your paycheck but yourself. Shit, I could make one or 2 of the awards on that site last me 10 years of living expenses. And what better reason to have a working private lab? As long as people exercise the proper caution and not leave shit lying around that can cause unwanted attention, that's a realistic reason to have all of those chems and glass around.
     I like the idea of making the donations to the Hive, that's a good way to give back to this board. Just looking around here, there are tons of posts with valuable information for anyone willing to take a look. I don't know how contract arrangements go, but I'd give some of that award back to here for sure. Most of the conventional methods to drug synthesis have been covered already here, so this would be a good way to contribute

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10-05-01 07:52
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The problem is collecting.  They can just take your idea change it a little and never tell you or anyone else.  How many solo chemists would have the resources to ensure they are not just getting fucked?  The investment and risk just seems to high, LOL now that I look at that statement it sure sounds a little funny considering where we aresmile

I would start the patent process on my idea before I send it to them. 

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10-05-01 09:43
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fuck these arent your textbook synthesise.....

do you realise why they have put them on the site...cos their own fukin chemists cant work it out
(Hive Bee)
10-05-01 09:49
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This is not ur average collection of chemists/wannabees.

Dont underestimate the Hive or I'll get medievil on ur ass!cool No seriously, I realize they can be difficult, but shit man, One of em was 4(4-hydroxyphenyl)butyric acid. wtf? Professionals cant make that? Doesnt seem as hard as........Diazepam or some shit like that.


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10-05-01 12:01
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hrmm... maybe we should start threads in the serious chem section on chems that look promising, then if we(the hive as a collective) find something worthwile, the powers that be submit it and the procedes go to the HIVE collection fund (tm).
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10-05-01 12:34
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I thought this site was awesome too.  It's been posted twice before, but nobody paid attention.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three or more might!
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10-05-01 22:17
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Anything that looks "easy" probably has the "easy" route patented and they are looking for a cheap way around the patent.  So you will be constrained.

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10-06-01 00:05
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You're so negative, Foxy. tongue

I was always taught the same thing regarding synthing drugs. Its impossible. None of us have the skill to get around all the hurdles the DEA and such organizations have thrown up at us. Its just too darn hard....


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10-06-01 01:24
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Foxy raises some good points, without knowing who was offering the money (and the criteria for judging the winner), there seems to be many risks as far as collectingfrownfrownfrown
10-10-01 04:52
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Swasg was watching one of those cop shows a few years back and one of the stings was a phony prize whereby "criminals", i.e. folks with warrants they were too lazy to look up, were sent notices that they had won some fabulous prize and all they had to do was come on in and pick it up.  When the lucky (arguably oblivious) few winners showed up they received their reward, which was in reality a pair of locking bracelets and a complimentary room at the greybar.

Not saying this isn't legit, it probably is, but then again...

On the positive side of life, if one were to come up with one of these solutions then it would seem to Swasg that application for a patent and/or copyright would be sufficient to establish ownership thereof.  Of course intellectual property rights are difficult at best to define, much less protect when the opponent is incorporated.  I guess there's also that other little thing about reverse engineering, however it would be applied to chemistry...

Damn, that must have been some good shit...

fuck this, fuck that, fucking little fucker, fucking brat
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10-10-01 05:07
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As for this sites legit-ness, Look on ACS homepage, they have it picture-linked right on their front page. Screams legit to me.

Well, those idiots deserved what they got, if they were that fucking dumb. And the same goes for here: If you currently arent squeaky clean, stay the fuck away from companies like this.

Read Innocentives policies on intellectual property rights. They "try" to protect you. They will say that the process is yours, but the matter is, are they heavyweight enough to even matter in court? Probably not. So do as foxy2 suggested and start a patent process before submitting. Very simple.


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10-10-01 05:47
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Well, those idiots deserved what they got, if they were that fucking dumb

Yeah, every once in awhile it's nice to see the costs of ignorance imposed on the afflicted.

If you currently arent squeaky clean, stay the fuck away from companies like this

Which is of course why Swasg didn't even risk loading the page, hate those damn electronic footprints...

fuck this, fuck that, fucking little fucker, fucking brat
10-10-01 05:58
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Innocentive homepage language is lawyerly and much more on topic in the way that cop bait "prize" scams are not.  Still, keyword search for "Innocentive" on Lilly homepage netted nothing; maybe this has to do with the fact that Innocentive is described as an "e-business" venture from within Lilly - had to go to press releases to get any Innocentive information and prize payouts have, as of August 28, totalled only $6,000.

To date, InnoCentive has received a number of solutions, but this is its first payout.

Sounds like alot of letterhead will be created in pursuit of these goals...

One piece at a time..and it didn't cost me a dime.
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08-26-02 16:26
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Problem-solvers rewarded in novel search for researchers

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (AP) -- In the Old West, town sheriffs offered bounties, enticing the public with cash in an attempt to get train robbers and cattle rustlers in their clutches.

On today's industrial science frontier, the bounty is back, with a twist that is rendering the WANTED poster obsolete.

Research-dependent companies are offering the rewards, enlisting the world's scientists to supplement their in-house research and development.

Their quarry: solutions to problems that have stumped their best scientific minds and stand in the way of getting new products to market or refining manufacturing processes.

The vehicle is a year-old venture of Indianapolis-based drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. that lets the companies post scientific problems on the Internet.

Solution-seeking companies pay fees to Lilly's venture, InnoCentive Inc., promising cash awards to bounty hunters -- regardless of their location or credentials -- who come up with workable solutions.

Chemistry and cash
Michael Cash, a University of Georgia graduate student aspiring to a research chemistry career, learned about InnoCentive through an advertisement in a chemical engineering magazine.

After studying a chemistry problem on, Cash and research adviser Robert Phillips devised a paper chemistry solution -- documented, but without the lab work needed to back it up and boost their potential award money.

They followed up in the lab, and beat a deadline to turn in their work for evaluation against competing proposals.

"Since I knew a little about the chemistry, most of the motivation came from the realization that I could potentially solve the challenge," Cash, 27, said. "The possibility of a monetary reward made the quest even more enticing." The resulting $30,000 award is being divided among the university, Phillips, and Cash.

Since last summer, 10,000 "solvers" like Cash have registered online to submit solutions to more than 50 challenges, with $350,000 paid out so far for 14 solutions.

The scientific community is still learning about InnoCentive's approach, which the company says is patented and which groups including the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Chemistry Association say they believe to be unique.

Taking a risk and tackling challenges
The approach carries risks in an arena where intellectual property and patents are closely guarded. For example, posting details on the Internet about a company's scientific stumbling blocks could tip a competitor to a company's plans.

"I'm not going to tell you the risk is zero," said Alpheus Bingham, InnoCentive's board chairman and a Lilly executive who helped create the venture. "But there are some ways we manage that risk."

Solvers electronically consent to surrender property rights. And they don't know which company they're solving a problem for, since InnoCentive keeps that confidential.

Solvers take chances in deciding to tackle challenges. Werner Mueller won a $25,000 award for a solution last fall after three months of work. When he spent another three months on a new problem, he came up short.

"It's easier if you don't need tomorrow's paycheck," said Mueller, a 63-year-old semi-retired chemist from Charlotte, North Carolina. "It's a good deal for me, if I have the time and the project fits my knowledge."

InnoCentive recently announced the recruitment of its first "Fortune 100" company, a business looking for speed and innovation in its R&D product pipeline. But true to its emphasis on privacy, InnoCentive would not disclose the company's name.

It's no secret that Lilly is behind most of the challenges on InnoCentive's Web site. The drug maker created InnoCentive last year to supplement its 7,600-person R&D operations. A venture capital arm of Lilly, e.Lilly, invested an undisclosed amount in InnoCentive covering at least two years' operations.

InnoCentive was conceived by Bingham and a colleague, who borrowed an old idea to address rising pharmaceutical research and development costs. It started in Indianapolis and has since moved to a high-tech corridor in the Boston suburb of Andover.

Calling out around the globe
The venture's marketing increasingly targets India and China, nations with a wealth of scientific talent and comparatively meager pay.

The highest payout for a solution went to a research lab in India, Glenmark Research Centre, which won $75,000 -- at least three times the average salary of Indian chemists, InnoCentive said.

Although the majority of InnoCentive's award-winners have so far been from the United States, scientists from more than 100 countries have registered as potential solvers, said the company's chief executive, Darron Carroll.

Bingham has even traveled to China to promote InnoCentive, and a section of its Web site is written in Chinese.

"I do have the ambition that as Lilly grows, this is a way in which to manage that growth and to give us access to a global community of scientists, not just the ones we can recruit to Indiana," Bingham said.

Their main plan seems to bee taking advantage of cheap foreign science labor.  But at least they are paying out money.

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