Bandil (Newbee)
10-08-01 10:08
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I have alot of mercury(I)chloride lying around. Is this suited for amalgation, to the same extent as mercury(II)chloride? I can remember i read something about mercury(I) being used for amalgation, but i cant remeber the exact ref.


(Hive Bee)
10-08-01 10:38
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See on:
../rhodium/chemistry /hg2cl2.txt
(Old P2P Cook)
10-08-01 10:40
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I think I have seen people say that it will work. The problem is that it is very insoluble in water. I wonder if adding some hypochlorite to a suspension of the calomel in water would oxidize it to the more soluble mercuric chloride?
(Stoni's sexual toy)
10-08-01 14:40
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It works fine. Any Hg salt which is at least somewhat soluble will work.