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10-12-01 16:30
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Here's a great recipe if you have a lot of friends who want to blow up their heads really fast:

Ayahuasca For The Whole Village

Cooking equipment:
55 Gal stainless steel drum with lid
30 gal pot with lid (55 gal drum cut down)
Large Gas burner

Items for processing plant material:
Wooden mallets
Logs with flat sides for pounding surface
Buckets to wash leaves

Plant materials used:
Banisteriopsis Caapi: 18 kilos of fresh vine
Psychotria viridis: 6 kilos fresh leaves shocked

Plant preparation:
The vine was cut from a plant that is approximately six years old. The diameter of the pieces was from one quarter to one inch. The pieces were cut into lengths of approximately two feet. These pieces were then pounded on a log with wooden mallets. The leaves were picked and rinsed in water.

Cooking procedure:

The pounded vine was layered alternately with leaves into the large cooking pot, filling it about three quarters full. Enough water was added to cover plant materials, approximately forty gallons. The lid was put on the pot and the burner turned on high. It came to a full rolling boil in about two hours.

The burner was adjusted to keep the brew at a good medium boil with the lid on. After boiling all night, about ten hours, the lid was removed. It took another six hours of boiling to reduce the water to about half of the original volume. This twenty gallons of liquid was poured off into the smaller pot for further reduction, and was boiled on high heat for three hours until it was reduced to about one and a half gallons. This was set aside to cool.

For a final wash, thirty gallons of water were added to the large pot with the cooked down plant material. This was once again cooked all night with the lid on and boiled down the next day. The final boil down yielded about three quarters of a gallon of liquid. This was added to the first boil down yielding about two and a quarter gallons of liquid. The brew was boiled again and poured into sterile canning jars and sealed.

Dosage (results may vary):
50 ml: Euphoria, color enhancement, no nausea
100 ml: Euphoria, eyes closed visuals of geometric patterns, slight nausea
150 ml: Full on trip, geometric eyes open patterns, eyes closed visuals leading to coherent visions, some nausea It is best to consume in divided doses of 50 ml over several hours. This helps to avoid nausea and abrupt reactions.

The only thing SWIM was wondering about was the conversion rate between fresh/dry weight.  i.e., mushies lose 90% of their weight during drying due to water loss.  Does anyone know approx. how much water weight these two herbs lose?

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is strongly discouraged.
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10-13-01 19:11
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I would imagine you wouldn't lose more than 30% or so with your yage', but psychotria, hell, who knows.  Your DMT beut would probably lose a good 90-95% of weight with drying. 

What, no shitting your brains out?  How did you accomplish that?

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Where I live, Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinaceae) is a noxious weed.  It is reputed to have significant DMT/5-MeODMT in it.  Has anyone attempted extaraction or concentration of extracts from this plant??


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10-17-01 17:59
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Today is opposites day.  Everything I say, I mean the opposite.