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10-13-01 20:05
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Tap water cannot be used to make LSD solutions because the chlorine destroys the LSD. So would using tap water for LSA extraction from MG seeds destroy some of the LSAs?
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10-13-01 23:06
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I just wouldn't use tapwater for anything of this nature, whether due to the chlorine content or possibility of other contaminants.  Why do a water extraction, use alcohol.  Or better yet use a nonpolar solvent to strip the oils and then the alcohol on the remainder.  It doesn't take that long to do.
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10-14-01 00:01
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All my non-polar solvents are currently inaccessible to me. There is a good reason for doing a water extraction instead of an alcohol one... something to do with the solubility of the nausea-inducing compounds in the seeds...
10-14-01 00:42
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check out

It's got some great info, read the F.A.Q.
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10-14-01 00:51
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Yes, I know, I've read it. It is not relevant to this Q.
10-14-01 01:44
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How about going to the store and buying some distilled H2O, or better yet if you find yourself buying it stores all the time (who knows what you're doing)  then go to Sears and buy a water distiller, they cost like $150. 

Using distilled water for any extraction makes alot more sense, liquor stores around here sell 198 proof ethanol, which is alot better solvent then H2O for what you are doing.

If you are asking purely theoretically if Cl in tap water will damage extracted LSA, then the answere is probably to some degree. 

If the only reason you don't have access to dH2O or other solvents is because you don't have any money, then maybe it's time to think about not doing it. 

Also seperate from the original topic, using Hawiian Baby Woodrose seeds works alot better then using Morning Glory seeds, I guess it all depends on what the goal of your extraction is, and what the LSA is for. . .

Btw I wouldn't use tap water for anything, I don't even drink the stuff.


So you need a precursor, to a precursor, just to make a precursor?
(Hive Bee)
10-14-01 02:17
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Actually I did use distilled water. I just wondered if tap water would've worked.