encopo (Hive Bee)
10-15-01 14:10
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      hunting the THF whale  Bookmark   

SWIM looked around many places for THF today.
1. Bunnings - they had the clear, blue, green PVC
   solvent cements, and a purple colored primer
2. Plumbers supply - same as above
3. Yet another plumbers supply - same as above
4. The guy who sells the plumber his stuff - less than
   the plumber had (?!)
5. Other assorted dead ends.

The blue, green & clear cements are mostly (if not
entirely) MEK & cyclohexanone. This was backed up by
a plumber supply guy who showed SWIM the MSDS and they
confirmed no listed amount of THF at all.
(well, they couldn't hide it, could they?)

The PVC-primer fluid was purple in color, and suggested
itself to be the same THF containing product that our
US friends have found. However, upon closer inspection
of the bottle, the words:
"contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone: 1000ml/L"
Well that's a bummer. Unless it's lying? But then again,
it couldn't - now could it?

There are a few more sources that SWIM will try, but
feedback on OZ THF acquisition would be beneficiary
(perhaps a PM for more specific sources would be

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10-17-01 05:17
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It's interesting that although there are so many people
interested in oxidizing THF to GBL to make GHB, nobody
even wants to discuss obtaining THF.
Well, SWIM is still looking around for THF, but may have
to resort to a synthetic method. Let me know what you
think of this:

oxidation of n-butane to maleic acid.
selective hydrogenation of maleic acid to thf/gbl/14b
oxidation of thf to gbl.
gbl -> ghb -> gbl -> clean ghb.

I'll be bothered posting the patents if anybody actually
posts anything to this thread. Once again, sources of THF
would be very much appreciated.

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10-28-01 23:56
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I really think you need to get a relationship. With a nice, independant, chem. supplier. But: WTF do I know? I once had, 2-3 ml GHL… felt head was expanding… went to bed. Passed out.

Hmmmmm shan't be doin that again shocked

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10-29-01 04:55
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THF shouldn't be that much trouble, there has to be an industrial supply near you, carpet glue thinner, paint thinner etc. go in with construction boots and paint stained clothes, don't clean your fingernails or shave, and tell rude jokes

as far as the pvc stuff goes, i have a can in front of me brand Name: Oatey PVC Cement - Medium Gray PVC SOLvent Cement for plastic pipe and fittings.

heres the address
4700 West 160th St Clevland, Ohio 44135
and phone
1(216) 267-7100

think about it though, after distilling the solvent outta you flask, it would be sooo fucked, you have to use all your thf just to clean it. look harder, its used as a paint thinner, both alone and mixed with acetone

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10-29-01 08:39
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Note though that Oatey's customer service representative
enlightened SWIM that Oatey products were not available in
her country.
Tried industrial supplies yesterday. Still no luck. Most
only want to sell BIG 200L amounts, and suggest a chem-house
Will be checking out larger hardware stores for paint

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10-29-01 19:46
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and they refuse to ship?

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10-30-01 10:12
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no, they can ship, but SWIM would like to exhaust all
local options first.

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11-07-01 21:27
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  Keep with the PVC cement angle, also a good source for cyclohexanone. Premier is another brand you might try, I like their solvents better than Oatey's.
  Also try marine painting suppliers. Boat paints have unique properties compared to their automotive counterparts, especially in saltwater areas. Can find morpholine for the Willgerodt this way.
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11-08-01 04:52
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look into roofing supplies, but bee sure to dry it well if looking towards the nitro+piperonal+thf+lah method.
hope this helps

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11-08-01 14:28
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It is almost impossible to dry wet/alcoholic THF so much that it can be used in LAH reductions. Don't talk about stuff you don't have experience in, Jasium.
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12-16-02 10:29
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In the presence of strong acids, 1,4-BDO is dehydrated to tetrahydrofuran.

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12-17-02 10:43
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      If he had BDO, why would he bother to go to THF ...  Bookmark   

If he had BDO, why would he bother to go to THF to get to GBL when one could have an easier, scalable, safer reaction from BDO straight to GBL?

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12-17-02 13:51
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I thought the same thing as I was doing the laundry last night. I wasn't really sure what his desire for THF was, just knew by the thread title he was trying to acquire it.. Im with you though, I'd just drink the bdo and call it a day.