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10-15-01 16:01
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I looked through the Hive, but could not find a process for synthesizing ethanol.  Is there such a process that would be possible for the average bee to complete, or is it too costly/complicated for its troubles?  Any well-informed bees care to share?

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10-15-01 16:06
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Sugar + Yeast?laugh
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10-15-01 19:19
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I guess it would be better buy some aloholic drink, distill the azeothrope (95.5%) and if you want to make anhydrous ethanol there are procedures with CaO or CaCl2, refluxing and distilling the alocohol again, see Rhodium's page.
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10-16-01 02:17
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It has too been covered here. Search for stills. There have been many a conversation about alcohol production (as well as several extremely detailed writeups) via a still.


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10-16-01 09:11
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but could not find a process for synthesizing ethanol.
Why would you want to perform a chemical synthesis of alcohol when 40% grain alcohol (vodka) is so easily available?
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01-15-02 20:01
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The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel

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01-15-02 21:56
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If it's abs etOh you need you can distill the grain alcohol to obtain 95% etOh and then re-distill with benzene.  The water-benzene-etOH azeotrope distills at 65C and the benzene-etOH azeotrope distills at 68C.

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01-15-02 23:44
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Alcohol is one of the cheapest solvents you can use if you make it yourself.  Otherwise it costs about 20 times more if you pay the federal taxes on it.

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01-24-02 06:13
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Err... H2SO4 + C2H6?  You'll probably want the H2SO4 around 80/20 with water in favor of acid...

  ...drink at your own damn risk.

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01-24-02 06:28
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Err... H2SO4 + C2H6?
Well, I agree with the "Err... ?" part. How are you going to make ethanol from sulfuric acid and ethane? And where are you going to get the ethane?
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01-24-02 07:37
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Ethane doesn't work, but ethene does. It is given off by ripening bananas... wink
02-25-02 17:38
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why not just use everclear with 5% water
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02-26-02 09:48
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Why indeed? I just don't see why you could'nt take
MeOh and a/b the Me off replacing it with Et by desire?
 I've done it. Pretty easy. PM Anonym for details.
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 Ask for it by namewink

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