Bandil (Hive Bee)
10-18-01 02:05
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Swim was thinking it would be really cool to have >95% pure psilocybin crystals lying around, as they are quite pretty. Now the mushrooms contain a lot of different alkaloids, that are quire hard(impossible) to separate, by simpel A/B. What about column chromatography:

1) Is silica gel ok for the column?
2) What to use as eluent, DCM, EtOAcOH?
3) I suppose one would have to apply strong vac underneath the column?
4) How to figure out what fractions the psilocybin is in. I was thinking of some TLC(NMR is not an option)


(Chief Bee)
10-18-01 02:07
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../rhodium/chemistry /psilo-tlc.txt
(Hive Bee)
10-18-01 08:04
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And Post 176035 (lugh: "Re: psilocin", Tryptamine Chemistry) smile