malvaxman (Newbee)
10-18-01 16:30
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Electrolytic reductive amination...

A text about it is found here:
../rhodium/chemistry /electroreductive.amination.txt

..,seems not very complicated but does anyone have anyone have any practical exeprience to share?

10-30-01 14:14
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it is a grteat outline of theory and i still belive it works I still need and desire those voltage potenbtials and solvent specification such as for zinc concentration in a saturated enviroment of calcium base with some mixed solvent including clorosolvent, plain water just looks to easy.  and i like going hard then make sim-le as allways

why use anything else but bronze???????????

BRONZE I SAY BRONZE  they did it with BRONZE?????

(Hive Bee)
11-14-01 23:34
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In electro rxns, it is very inportant to monitor both voltage and current across the membrane and plot them, this will show where(at what voltage) the reductions take place, so you know you're reducing the right part of the molecule.