menthol_man (Newbee)
10-18-01 17:44
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After many tries and pils I learned the folowing about
thoes little metal pill presses.

After each strike with a hammer rotate the piston
and the bottom dye.  Strike about 4-6 times.

DO NOT exceed 400MG.  Try to make it as thin a
pill as possible.  Sionce there isnt a lot of pressure
the middle of the pill isnt as compacted as it could be.

Curved pills come out better then flat ones.

If you arent cool enough to get MCC (Microcrystaline Cellulose)
and want something right away use a tums.  You can break em up
rather easily and they have color to them... They make speckled
pills white and blue, pink, yellow. etc.... but they are not as hard as MCC
and you really should be using that... dont get me wrong.. its ok but
MCC is way better

If anyone really needs a hookup for a mini hand press for herbs only wink
Personal Email me and I can see what I can do about hooking you up like me..
Too many people needing presses for me not to do something....

Oh yeah make sure everything is really dry otherwise your piston will be hard to
get out.  Keep it REALLY REALLY clean.

Im realativley happy with my little press....
Just ROTATE every strike!!!

Gott Mit Uns!
10-19-01 08:14
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Try steric acid on the low pressure types of tablet presses, it work really well, and you can get it at candle making supply stores, and various other places as well. 

As for a simple hand press. . . see what you can get a bullet reloading press to do for you. . . gaurantee if you think about it long enough it'll work better then any commercial hand press, and they are like $150.00


So you need a precursor, to a precursor, just to make a precursor?
10-19-01 08:40
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eeh.. whats "a tums"
10-19-01 15:18
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indergestion tablets.

we take thease risks not to escape life but to stop life escaping us!
10-21-01 11:36
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You mean stearic acid? Most of the time a magnesium salt is used....This should prevent your press get stucked.