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This is a segment from a larger German patent (No. 495534 8 April 1930) wherein ephedrine is synthesized by first oxidizing pseudoephedrine with dichromate and then reducing the formed methcathinone.  The interesting part is that the synthesis is very old (1928) and that the oxidation (if my half-assed translation is correct) takes place at room temperature with no agitation over a period of a few days. Work-up is standard and the yields are good.

Here goes:


1. Zur Losung von 165 (or 105, I can't read the print--I'll find a better copy [but I'm pretty sure it's 165]) Gewichtsteilen freier Pseudobase vom F. 118 in 520 Raumteilen 10volumprozentiger Schwefelsaure weden unter Ruhren langsam 670 Gewichtstaile einer Mischung gegeben, die aus 60 Gewichtsteilen Natriumbichromat, 80 Gewichtsteilen Schwefelsaure (D. 1.84) and 270 Teilen Wasser besteht.  Nach dreitagigem Stehen macht man alkalish. schuttelt wiederholt mit Chloroform aus and leitet in diese getrocknete Losung die berechnete Menge Salzsuaregas.  Nack dem Abdestillieren im Vakuum hinterbleiben Kristalle, die bach dem Behandeln mit Aceton abgesaught und getrocknet werden.  Man erhalt in dehr guter Ausbeute ein Gemisch der Hedrochloride des Ketons und der unveranderten Pseudobase, das zu etwa 80% aus dem Hydrochlorid des Amino ketons beteht.  Zwecks Reduktion werden 10 Gewichtsteile dieses Gemisches in 100 Teilen verdunntem alkodol mit 20 Teilen eines Nickelkatalysators in Wasserstoffmenge wird abgesught, mit Alkohol nachgewaschen und im Vakuum zur Trockne verdampft.  Den Ruckstand lost man zwecis Abtrennung des Pseudo-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ols in wenig heiBem Wasser und Fallt das n 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol in Form seines sehr schqer loslichen Oxalats:  dasjenige der Peudoform verhleibt quntitatauv in der Mutterlauge.  Aus dem Oxalat ist das 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol vom F. 73 bis 74 in bekannter Weise in Freiheit zu setzen.

2. 202 Gewishtsteile Pseudo-1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol-hydrochlorid werden in 670 Gewichtsteilen einer 10prozentigen wasserigen Chromsaurelosung eingetragen, wonack das Reaktionsgemisch 3 Tage stehengelassen wird.  Die Aufarbeitung erfolgt nack den Angaben des Beispiels I, Wodurch man in ahnlicher Ausbeute ein Gemisch erhalt, das nack der Reduktion das 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol vom F. 73 bis 74 liefert.

I left out everything but the experimental section.  Let me know if I need to type out that part as well, and I'll do it.

Sorry if I mispelled anything.

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This is more funny then anything I guess, I put it through my translator and this is what I got

Examples 1. To the password of 165 (or 105, I READ the print can't -- I'll find a to better copy [ but I'm pretty sure it's 165 ]) parts by weight of free pseudobase of the F. 118 under Ruhren slowly 670 Gewichtstaile of a mixture weden in 520 space sections of 10volumprozentiger sulfur-sour given, which consists and 270 sections water of 60 parts by weight natriumbichromat, 80 parts by weight sulfur-sour (D. 1,84). After dreitagigem being one makes Salzsuaregas alkali see schuttelt repeated with chloroform from and leads into this dried password the calculated quantity. Nack the Abdestillieren in the vacuum behind-remain being abgesaught and be dried crystals, the brook treating with acetone. One receipt in dehr good yield a mixture of the Hedrochloride of the Ketons and the unveranderten pseudobase, which beteht to approximately 80% from the hydrochloride of the Amino ketons. For reduction 10 parts by weight of this mixture in 100 sections verdunntem alkodol with 20 sections of a nickel catalyst in hydrogen quantity are abgesught, washed afterwards with alcohol and evaporated in the vacuum to dry ones. The jerking and draws one zwecis to separation of the Pseudo-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ols in little heiBem water and falls the n 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol in form of its very more schqer loslichen oxalate: that the Peudoform verhleibt quntitatauv in the mother liquor. From oxalate the 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol of the F. 73 to 74 is to be set in well-known way in liberty. 2. 202 Gewishtsteile Pseudo-1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol-hydrochlorid are entered in 670 parts by weight of a 10prozentigen wasserigen chrome sour draw, left untouched wonack the reaction mixture 3 days. The processing takes place nack the specification of the example I, whereby one supplies in ahnlicher yield a mixture receipt, nack to the reduction with the 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropan-1-ol of the F. 73 to 74

Anyhow, Cyril

So you need a precursor, to a precursor, just to make a precursor?
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Examples 1. To a solution of 165 (or 105) parts by weight of  pseudo-freebase of the F. 118 [wtf does this mean?]in 520 parts by volume 10% H2SO4 670 parts by weight of a mixture of 60 pbw sodium dichromat(VI), 80 pbw H2SO4 and 270 parts water [i guess here it doesn't matter if by weight or  by volume] are added slowly under stirring.
[let stand alone for three days]
after three days [the solution/mixture] is basified extracted a few times with chloroform.
a calculated amount of HCl is bubbled through the dried extracts. after vakuumdestilling [to remove chloroform]crystals were washed with acetone and dried.
a mixture of about 80% methcathinone-HCl and 20% unreacted pseudo-fb were obtained in a good yield.
10 pbw of this mixture and 100 parts diluted alcohol
[here the text became senseless maybe a better copie of it would help. after all i understood the ketone is reduced in an alc solution via Ni/H2, after that water/alc is evapped, residue dissolved in hot water and the ephedrine removed from mother liqour by forming the oxalate which made the eph falling out of the solution while the pseudo stays dissolved. the second part uses 202 pbw pseudo and 670 pbw of a 10% chromic acid also three days waiting and worked up as above in nearly the same yield]

what a strange text

kalos kai agatos
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garbage in - garbage out
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What the hell does that mean?  No doubt your statement springs from the ignorance of most bees around here.

Nothing personal, but you shouldn't knock what you haven't tried or what you only think you have tried.

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Sorry if it came over wrong. What Uemura wanted to adress is just the easy fact that the desperate hope of many users (not just bees) of getting automatic translation from language x to language y is still a desperate hope. He suffers from this expectations since years....
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Wow. Don't take this personally, but transcribing a foreign language you don't understand definately has its effects on the outcome.wink Its an interesting concept, really.

Is there any way you could scan it? Seriously, German is not a problem, but there is a lot in there that just doesn't make sense.

trying to help,

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i've found the patent at
the hydrogenation is described as follows:
10 parts of the mixture are added to 100 parts diluted alcohol and 20 parts Ni-catalyst. the whole thing is shaked at 60-70C under H2 atmosphere till 1 Mol H2 was consumed. rxn mixture is filtered the filtercake washed with alcohol and the fluids evaporated under vacuum till dryness. hope this is a help to somebody

kalos kai agatos