dickdastardly (Stranger)
10-20-01 02:59
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For catalytic hydrogenation in the microwave you need a substance called ammonium formate. Could someone please elaborate on what it is used for and what it is. or how you could make it
(Chief Bee)
10-20-01 04:01
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It is a salt between ammonia and formic acid. It is made by mixing the solutions and evaporating the water.
(Hive Bee)
10-21-01 00:14
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You do not NEED ammonium formate for microwave CTH.  Any hydrogen donor will do, formate salts work well and are very easily made.  Saturated aromatics work well as hydrogen donors too.
10-21-01 16:00
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All mighty Rhodium please answer:
What yeld is to be expecteted in microwave hydrogenation when turning a imine to amine?
(Chief Bee)
10-21-01 21:20
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I don't know exactly. It depends on your technique and the substrate. There is no question 90%+ yields are possible in a professional setting.