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10-22-01 16:14
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ODB just had a big fuck up (maybee)
after completing the Al/Hg via DrGonzo, grabbed the wrong bottle of chem to extract with. Grabbed DiChlormethane instead of Toluene. Once the error was noticed, added the toluene to the mixture and began to extract. Is the batch gone or is there some hope for product

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10-22-01 17:22
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i assume you have already basified?

the batch is not gone, but you have made a mess, i imagine the dcm and toluene will form a layer. top or bottom i have no idea, but who knows maybe you get three layers.

If you are lucky and got one NP layer, simple. seperate it, and heat it a bit on water bath to distill or drive off the dcm, continue work up on remaining toluene as per usual.

If you are unlucky and got three layers, sep em all, save the top toluene for later, extract the dcm layer with several portions of dilute HCl, basify the HCl extracts and pool with the post rxn mixture, to reextract with toluene.

nothing lost, cept your time

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10-22-01 18:41
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Man, I'm so high, I have no idea what's goin' on