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10-23-01 09:28
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Swim is dreaming about going from benzaldehyde to benzyl alcohol using the (cross -) Cannizzaro reaction and then to  BzCL by reacting the BzOH with HCL.

He is interested if - instead of extracting the bzOH in ether as a separate step, whether just adding HCL to the mix after the Cannizzaro has done its job would yield the desired product.

HCL would neutralise the alkali and hopfully convert the BzOH to bzCL. This second step has already been discussed at the hive (BzCL will separate out as an extra layer on top of the aqueuous layer when BzOH is shaken with HCL - cold).

Would the remaining formaldehyde left over be likely to prevent this step? Or the neutralised alkali ie NaCL or KCl? Swim feels this might represent a different method to separate out the product and is not necessarily adopting a lazy approach by avoiding the intermediate step of extracting the BzOH with ether.

Note on the Cannizzaro reaction -
If you have benzaldehyde in aqueous base, it will react to generate benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol.  This is essentially irreversible. The aldehyde undergoes simultaneous oxidation and reduction to form an alcohol and a carboxylic acid. The addition of formaldehyde gives a Cross-Cannizzaro reaction which shifts the reaction balance so that benzyl alcohol is formed at the expense of benzoic acid. Its done cold.
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10-23-01 23:09
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Sounds What is the ratio of aqueous base to formaldehyde?  That is the question that will lead you to your answer young jedi.  Neutralizing the base and increasing the ionic strength of your solution certainly should help.tongue

something for your mind.......
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10-24-01 03:24
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I've been this lazy once and can advise you against it.
What will happen?
For the Cannizzarro you'll need strong (35-50%) NaOH solution.
If you want to react the produced BzOH to BzCl you'll need strong HCl.
Adding strong HCl to your Cannizzarro reaction mixture will produce a lot of NaCl, some Benzoic acid and water. By the time all is neutralised there will be so much water that adding enough HCl to get the concentration needed for the BzCl conversion is not practical.

Hansje high in proteine and fibre!
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10-24-01 14:32
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HCl is cheap.
Neutralize the basic solution until slightly acidic, extract the BzOH with organic solvent(toluene?), then perform the second reaction.

Could toluene --> BzCl possibly be easier?
Also starts with an easily available precursor.

Here is some helpful info

Producing Benzyl chloride

Benzyl chloride.    
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JP  52111520  Patent  written in Japanese.

Cl (146 kg) was introduced into a mixt. of 330 kg PhMe and 3 kg red P over 9 h at 90-5.5° and the mixt. stirred 1 h to give 172 kg PhCH2Cl (purity 99.5%).

Synthesis of benzyl chloride by solid-liquid phase-transfer catalysis method.    
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The decompn. of PhCH2Cl during its distn. or the distn. of its mixts. which is greatly promoted by Fe compds. is strongly inhibited by carrying out the distn. in the presence of a lactam (e.g., 2-pyrrolidone, caprolactam).  Thus, 96 wt. % PhCH2Cl is decompd. in 90 min at room temp. when FeCl3 is added to it.  With 1.0 wt. % 2-pyrrolidone additive the same decompn. at 95° in 90 min is 13%. 

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10-25-01 23:35
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Thanks to the Bees for their help.

One way to possibly increase the ionic conentration would be by driving off some of the h20 and formaldehyde by evap and heating. (imagine the smell from the formaldehye!). Probably more straight forward to extract with a solvent. 

Foxy - I have sort of been ignoring the toluene thing since requires chlorine generator and have heard of mixed success with UV - mercury vapour lamp etc (Been considering setting up the welder with a carbon arc). However youve got a lot of great refs there that i hadnt seen before so might need a bit more investigation - Thanks.
(Distinctive Doe)
10-25-01 23:55
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With proper ventalation a chlorine generator is easy.

And considering the scale matchbox RedP could make ALOT of BzCl without to much trouble.

Here are details of chlorine generation, look down the page
../rhodium/chemistry /mercurychloride.html

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10-26-01 00:24
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Yes I am seeing what you mean - timeframe here would also allow a chlorine generator to work great. Very very interesting ref.   
(Hive Bee)
10-26-01 06:57
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Why bother with chlorine or exoctic chemicals? This is all you have to do:

100 ml BzOH mixed with 200ml 31% HCl, 200g CaCl2. Stirred for 32hours at room temp. 90ml crude BzCl seperated from top of mixture (no extraction required).
This is about 100g crude product! Just mixing, stirring, seperating, Isn't that good!

For a full discussion see Post 71906 (uemura: "Easy Benzylchloride Synthesis", Methods Discourse)!
P.S. Do not wash the BzCl with H2SO4!! Read the whole thread!
Carpe Diem
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10-26-01 07:26
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Yes, check out my findings of benzal/benzyl chloride in a
patent -
post no: Post 224026 (encopo: "Re: Biosynth (homebrewing E)", Serious Chemistry)
patent #: U.S. Pat.#1,280,612

Don't mind me. I'm mentally ill.
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10-26-01 08:47
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Why bother?

Because toluene, Red P and Chlorine can be gotten very easily otc.  Within 1 km of me right now there is enough of the above to produce multi kilograms of BzCl.  I don't think BzOH is as easily available.

Are you positive Lava lamps contain it??
I am not convinced based on reading lots of google search results.  You can make a lava lap with BzOH, but are the commertial ones BzOH?  Anyone know if the Lava Lamps(TM) contain BzOH? PM me if you know.

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10-26-01 09:00
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Swim was trying to go benzaldehyde -> benzyl chloride and
not benzyl/benzal chloride -> benzaldehyde.

(Hive Bee)
10-26-01 11:58
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Because toluene, Red P and Chlorine can be gotten very easily otc This is indeed a good reason! smile Uemura also seeks for minimal efforts/costs and risks.

With respect to joymans questions however, Uemura believes that the crossed cannizarro (*), then the above BzOH->BzCl path is the easiest (**).
Carpe Diem.
(*) Uemura doesn't have easy access to formaldehyde but it's easy to get BzOH and Benzaldehyde.
(**) Ohh, to bee honest, Uemura has never opened or used a lava lamp and checked if it contains BzOH. Other bees should be more experts than him.
(Hive Bee)
10-28-01 15:41
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Jeeeeeeezzzzz, I don't fookin beeelive this!!! Swill blush has just synth'd this the other way round! BzCl > aldehyde, via Sommlet rxn, Vogel's 5th exp. 6.119 p2002.  Yeild looks like… plenty, not washed and brushed up yet. It's clear though, smells… amaretto.

Joyman, d'y just wanna swap my 2l BzCl for your aldehyde?cool

Linoleum: the 13th element!  Now available at all good DIY stores… & Walmart.
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10-28-01 22:56
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Read the post again - it's not Benzyl chloride to Benzaldehyde,

it's Toluene -> Benzyl/Benzal Chloride (given amount
of Ca(OCl)2 used).

then an optional boil in alkaline water to yield benzaldehyde.

This seems to be a MUCH easier way of making benzyl/benzal
chloride or benzaldehyde than using RP, chlorine gas &
toluene. Chlorination via Ca(OCl)2 is very effective,
as shown in the patent.

Check it out. If you like almond cakes, make benzaldehyde
and add it to your recepie :-)

Don't mind me. I'm mentally ill.
10-29-01 21:10
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you go toluene -> bzcl -> phcho
you are obviously referring to the first bit.

i didn't like the look of the pool shock thing since there seemed to be a big work up involved to get anhydrous pool chlorine. also think it still needs the uv for good yields.

Hell man, id gladly do the trade. (2 kgs !! you bastard)  BzCl has the status of p2p where swim lives. pure benzaldehyde is also illegal to buy or sell. Almond essence seemed to me to be a good source. swim reckons you've got more options with bzcl than phcho which locks you into the nitro ethane thing. These simple chems are really hard to obtain - it feels silly that it requries this much work to make them. 


10-29-01 21:56
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10-29-01 22:36
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i think that the answer is that apparently with toluene ring substitution is not favoured so long as the temperature is kept low.
(Distinctive Doe)
10-30-01 09:46
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i didn't like the look of the pool shock thing since there seemed to be a big work up involved to get anhydrous pool chlorine. also think it still needs the uv for good yields.

NO UV!!!!  There is very strong evidence that UV with the pool shock reaction goes BOOM! That means no sunlight for this reaction unless you like explosions.

The thing I like about the RedP/Chlorine procedure is the near quantitative yeild which will make the work-up a BREEZE.

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10-30-01 09:57
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I think the RP/chlorine is really quite brilliant. Its a great discovery.laughlaughlaugh
Looks like the solution for easy otc bzcl - swims extremely grateful. laughlaughlaugh
12-26-01 10:54
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would it be possibel to recycle the phospher so that when the chlorination of the toulene was  done the benzyl chloride was simply destilated  of trough some CaCl2 and the RP/PCl5 recovered in the chlorination flask was then again recycled for the next batch of toulen.