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10-25-01 09:17
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bambi's bored of the forest life and wants to bust on out of the shrubbery to bigger and better things. she's talked to the local naked forest nymphs who can get her nitromethane or methylamine. the nymphs, however, have to make their methylamine from hexamine fuel tablets (used to roast acorns and fairy flowers), and have to distill their nitro from modelidiot fuel. bambi would like to know which is the easier/safer amine source for a first time al/hg reduction? and bambi can't use the SE because she doesn't like bad words (it makes her convulse and think bad thoughts). seeing as hunting season is coming up bambi want out quick. any help, bees of the forest?

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10-25-01 18:52
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bambi needs to go to the newbee forum

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10-25-01 20:10
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If you want to make a small amount (<30g), go with nitromethane. It's easy to distill out of R/C fuel and the reaction has few variables.

If you want to make a large batch (>30g), go with methylamine. It's easy, but tedious to make out of hexamine tablets.

If it's your first time, I'd highly recommend doing a small batch with nitromethane until you get the Al/Hg right (shouldn't take more than 1-2 tries)... then you can step up to methylamine.
10-26-01 02:46
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Thankyou chromic!

Isn't Disney World just a people trap operated by a mouse?