zephler (Hive Bee)
10-26-01 04:52
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If one were to make some MeNH2 from NH4Cl and Paraformaldehyde how worried should they be of explosion or fire? I notice that MeNH2 would be a nice explosive
(Chief Bee)
10-26-01 04:54
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Methylamine is not explosive, especially not in aqueous solution.
(Hive Addict)
10-28-01 05:39
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Sensitized MeNO2 could be a good explosive. MeNH2 could be a good way to get your hands smelling fishy.
(Commodore "Mole Bouncer")
10-29-01 03:58
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CH3NH2.HCl is very flammable

once upon a time a squab that i didn't know got impatient while drying some CH3NH2.HCl in the oven and cranked the heat to speed thing up a little, he came back minutes later to find 4-5 foot flames coming out of the oven, should see what the ceiling leading to the back door looked like after.
 so the shit spontanously combusts at some temp between 200-400C.

luckily the adventurous newbee was able to smother the fire and salavage 800g of crispy looking CH3NH2.HCl

i don't know if throwing matchs at it would have ignited it as well, never had methylamine i could afford to burn.

"All those memories lost like rain..."

Rhodium - the vapours are not explosive?? i would have thought that any flammable vapour could explode if saturated in a small enough area, subject to a source of ignition.
(Chief Bee)
10-29-01 11:31
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Confined combustible material can burn very fast in the presence of an oxidizer (air), but that is not an explosion per se (pressure wave propagating faster than sound). And as the person asking is worried about methylamine exploding when he is using it in an aqueous solution, even the risk of ignition/fire is practically non-existant if basic safety rules are observed.