rickjones (Stranger)
10-30-01 21:32
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Anyone have an easy synthesis for l-alanine to n methyl alanine? Swim needs this for an interesting experiment[wink
(Distinctive Doe)
10-30-01 23:59
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search for my post titled amphetamine to methamphetamine

In chemistry forum, I think

Do Your Part To Win The War
10-31-01 04:54
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Thanks foxy2,but swim does not want to drag his dumb ass down to the chem supply house to get cesium hydroxide etc.OTC would be nice or is this swim's pipedream?Anyone else?
(Chief Bee)
10-31-01 07:53
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There is an N-methylation reaction at the bottom of Post 211063 (Rhodium: "Re: New route to PEAs?", Novel Discourse)