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11-01-01 05:23
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(check out the .pdf about `Neurotoxicity of Amphetamines and Their Metabolites' by Hanson)
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11-09-01 15:04
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Methamphetamine Abuse Leads to Long-Lasting Changes in the
Human Brain that are Linked to Impaired Coordination and Memory

Methamphetamine Abuse Linked to Long-Term Damage to Brain Cells

Differences In Human Brain Chemistry May Account For
Different Responses To Stimulants

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(Distinctive Doe)
11-12-01 20:57
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They fail to state what "abuse" is?
Will 40mgs of desoxyn a day fry your brain?
Are we talking multi-hundreds of mgs per day?
What part do multiday binges without food play?
ect ect ect

They should study people with prescription meth so they have a control group.  These studies really annoy me because it is very difficult to make heads or tails of anything they come up with.  They need to find people who aspire to becomeing crank addicts and study them over the course of their

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