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11-01-01 06:09
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Didi some reading this morning and found that Garlic contains quite a lot of DiAllyl-Sulphide. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a gem of a chemical and could theoretically be use to add Allyl group like DMS add Methyl groups.

Main constituents
Garlic contains a wealth of sulphur compounds; most important for the taste is allicin (diallyl disulphide oxide), which is produced enzymatically from alliin (S-2-propenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide) if cells are damaged; its biological function is to repel herbivorous animals. Allicin is desactivated to diallyl disulphide; therefore, minced garlic changes its aroma if not used immediately. In the essential oil from steam destillation, diallyl disulphide (60%) is found besides diallyl trisulphide (20%), diallyl sulfide, ajoene and minor amounts of other di- and polysulphides.

Any ideas bigger beez?crazy
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11-01-01 06:34
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Lithiation of 1,4-dimethoxybenzene followed by addition of diallyldisulfide would give 2,5-dimethoxyallylthiobenzene (bp 110-125 C at 0.25 mm/Hg), a starting material for 2C-T-16 or ALEPH-16.

There are also recent posts at the Hive describing the use of aromatic bromides together with a PTC and the corresponding sodium thiolate to give alkyl-phenyl thioethers.
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11-01-01 07:03
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This would mean that we have a new (well maybe not new, but undiscussed) way of getting to some really cool goodies.

Well, not really, but now we know where to get this weird compound......hehe