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11-02-01 12:58
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is a 20lt pyrex vessel suitable to do a 200 gm ketone with nitro as the amine source.  Hexamine is readily available but swim would like to avoid fumes of formaldahyde ect.  the MeAm fumes can be capped in the nitro route with a hose from the top of the condensor to a bucket of HClwink
11-03-01 00:58
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That size vessel is plenty big for a 200 gm. reduction, with room to basify and extract in the same vessel.

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12-02-01 09:44
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a 12ltr is perfect for 2-220 reductions with a 1200ml condenser. want a 2ltr for 500gd it is very possible with over head stirring or after reducinf transfer 200=g to a small flask and reflux 2 hours while u run another batch save extracts and make 1/2 kg within 6 hours

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12-02-01 11:18
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Even better would be to turn your 22l into a sep funnel with a two hole stopper.  through one of the holes goes a glass tube all the way to the bottom.  in the other hole goes a glass tube that extends to the base of the stopper with a valve.  even better than that at the brew store they can order you a 5 gallon sep funnel it will be plastic but nothing a coat of epoxy wont fix.
ps why was this semi old post brought up. 
imagine what you could do with a 14.5 gallon carboy