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11-07-01 07:52
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Has anyone come up with a good suggestion on what to use for the DMF O2 Reaction Vessel? I have searched around and everyone seams to have Ghetto rigged with no clear winner on what to use. I have been researching talking to Glassblowers even yet no one really seams to Know. Plastic it seams will wear out. SS is a no go but for a 4L reaction Vessel nobody seams to know proper thickness and stuff. Anyone have an answer?
11-07-01 11:15
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Glass filter carboys are made of some of the thickest borosilicate you will find and they have held 3 atmospheres on a consistent basis.  Plenty of reaction volume as well.  Or just get a glasteel pfaulder 10 gallon RX-series w/ helical impeller... mmmmmmmmmmmm chem porn... ahhhhhh........
11-07-01 14:22
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carboys good idea didn't think of that one thanks. 3 atmospheres is how many psi? thanks

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11-07-01 17:43
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thanks madmax a regular round bottom flask can't take that pressure. swim knows from experience.crazy

what are you goofy?
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11-07-01 20:02
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if you want to scale up use a ss paint sprayer with overhead stirring, and included psi gauge. oh yeah use a hdpe bucket inside for reagents or you're fucked!
hope this helps

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11-09-01 01:03
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Don't use the bucket inside.  When it gets hot, the steam goes over the edge and you lose water.

Use this, teflon coated:

Free Strike too.
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11-09-01 09:37
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The wacker will NOT work with very pleasing results if done in a stainless vessle, expect enough "tar" and shit to re-pave your driveway.  As Grouch mentioned telfon coat that puppy and you should be fine...

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