malvaxman (Hive Bee)
11-09-01 02:23
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      L-PAC from benzaldehyde with pyruvatedecarboxylase  Bookmark   

L-PAC is possible to make from benzaldehyde with torula-yeast has anyone seen any outline to do it without yeast with pyruvatedecarboxylase? Is PDC easy to get and how much does it cost?
(Hive Bee)
04-29-02 15:45
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The production of L-PAC by the enzymes directly was mentioned in some australian patents as far as I remember. It was told to be quite effective but expensive and not to easy as some coenzymes are needed or a real huge amount of pyruvatedecarboxylase.
It seems that starting with pyruvic acid and yeast is state of the art. Pyruvic acid is not real cheap (~400 kg if bought by tons) and only OTC if bought as wellness product (expensive then). But it can be made by the pyrolyse of tataric acid. And on a biosynthetic pathway of course.

Patent DE3733157 german
Patent US4971907

two for the biopath.

It should be possible to add acetaldehyde instead pyruvic acid, but I have not been in this deeper so I cannot tell pros and cons.

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