PEYOTE (Hive Bee)
11-12-01 17:39
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See these articles. They are very interesting and useful, for me:

"A tentative rationalization of microwave effects in organic synthesis according to the reaction medium, and mechanistic consideration."
L. Perreux, A. Loupy, Tetrahedron, 57:9199-9223(2001)

"Microwave assisted organic synthesis - a review"
P. Lidstroem, J. Tierney, B. Wathey, J. Westman, Tetrahedron, 57:9225-2983(2001)

(Hive Bee)
11-13-01 07:07
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If you want to get into microwaves then you gotta get one of the robotic ones

and check out this animation

AFOAF saw one of these robo-wavejobbers in action and demoed it and said it was the shit