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11-13-01 07:57
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Is the grignard reaction ever used on an industrial scale, or is it only used on laboratory scale, up to a kilogram?
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11-15-01 01:34
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I think they would have to be if ketamine is as available as it is. After all dosen't it's preparation require a Grignard reaction? It's just a thought...wink


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11-15-01 04:38
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Yes they are scaled up. 


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11-15-01 05:00
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foxy2 answered yer question...don't know but this may be of some use too. http://www.longchemical.com/products/aromatics/aromatics.htm
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11-17-01 03:27
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Yes it is used very effectively in industry. I believe many patents have been submitted on industrial sized methods for continuous batch production. However Victor's 3 stage production method still seems to be the most preferred route.

The 3 stages being, the Grignard creation in the first vessel. Then the complex is pumped and filtered to the second vessel were it is reacted with the other reagent. The solvent is distilled off to a storage vessel for reuse. A suitable solvent usually toluene is added and the Magnesium salt is then pumped to a third vessel were it is hydrolysed (if necessary).

The vessels construction can be carbon steel but stainless steel is preferred. The third vessels is usually a glass lined steel vessel.