Trypstar (Stranger)
11-13-01 02:33
No 236207
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Yield 70 percent (BRN=105248)
Reagent ZnCr2O7*3H2O
Solvent CH2Cl2
Time 1.0 hour(s)
Other Conditions Ambient temperature
Ref. 1 5572812; Journal; Firouzabadi, H.; Sardarian, A. R.; Moosavipour, H.; Afshari, G. M.; SYNTBF; Synthesis; EN; 4; 1986; 285-288;

Does anybody have access to the ref. of this reaction?
(Hive Addict)
11-13-01 10:22
No 236287
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Wouldn't sodium dichromate be easier to use?
11-14-01 03:13
No 236614
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Yeah, it probably would. But I haven't got the details.
My university doesn't carry this.

Could somebody please check, when you happen to stop by a library that does carry it?