masterofpuppets (Hive Bee)
11-14-01 20:03
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Does anyone know if detergents can be used in solutions that are then going to be used in electrochem reactions?

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11-14-01 22:59
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What reaction???  What detergent?
Do you actually expect an answer from such an ambiguous question?

Yes you can have detergent, it might actually help. 
Give us something.

Indirect electrolysis involving phase transfer catalysis.
Pletcher, Derek.   
Dep. Chem.,  Univ. Southampton,  Southampton,  UK.  Editor(s): Little, R. Daniel; Weinberg, Norman L.
Electroorg. Synth., [Manuel M. Baizer Meml. Symp.]  (1991),  Meeting Date 1990, 255-62. 
Publisher: Dekker,  New York, N. Y  CODEN: 57OSAY  Conference; General Review  written in English.   

A review with 11 refs is given on indirect electrosynthesis when phase transfer catalysis is used to allow the chem. step to occur homogeneously in an org solvent immiscible with the aq. electrolyte.  Ideally, the electrolysis should be carried out with an emulsion of the aq. and org. phases.  As an example, the oxidn. of anthracene to anthraquinone via dichromate is described.  The Ce4+/Ce3+ redox system can be also used as a catalyst for the p-xylene oxidn.

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(Hive Bee)
11-17-01 00:20
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SWIM was interested in dissolving phenylalanine into a common solvent such as acetone, ethanol etc.  Anyone know of any OTC products that could do the trick?

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11-17-01 12:18
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Addition of acids or bases.
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11-18-01 18:30
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The adding of acid/bases has a dramatic effect on the electro reaction (ie most electro reactions are fairly ph specific).

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12-04-02 10:30
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Merck says water only and slight  in methanol and ethanol for (-) , sparingly sol in methanol for (+) and for (-+) water only.