menthol_man (Hive Bee)
11-18-01 23:11
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Drug labs... especially METH labs generate a lot of recogzniable garbage.
Does anyone have any ideas on getting rid of garbage? 100 HEET Bottles,
50 Road Flares and 1000 Psudo pill wrappers are just askin for the police
to come knock on your door with a warrant if anyone ever starts lookin
in your trash.


Gott Mit Uns!
(Distinctive Doe)
11-19-01 01:26
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A dumpster.

Just don't be suspicious.
Large apt complex, park on one side, walk thru to the dumpster on otherside.  People on either side will see nothing to suspicious.  I would have it well bagged so that is not discovered before they get to the dump.  Then you should bee free and clear.

 don't get pulled over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11-19-01 03:35
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Yes, a few more points on this:.

* Wipe down all bottles well with paper towelling, to
  remove fingerprints (there never should have been any
  on there to begin with, tho). If you are a really
  careful person, you also might wash them in detergent,
  to remove DNA. (but really really not necessary).
* Use an opaque garbage bag, fresh out of the pack that
  no-one has touched. (you're using gloves now). Pack up
  all the crap into it.
* Tie it up good, and don't wear distinctive clothing.
* Go to a chrisitan missionary/fun group and stick it in
  their dumpster. Many shopping centres now have camera's
  at their dumpsters.
* When transporting it, if it's not too big, put it where
  the spare wheel is, underneath the trunk lining.
* If you have alot of garbage to remove, melt it down.
* Wheelie bins in suburban streets are good (do it just
  before trash day).

Alot of you may think the above is unnecessary, but your
trash is a perfect signature of dodgy stuff goin' down.

Remember - "Paranoia keeps you free"

Paranoically yours,

Don't mind me. I'm mentally ill.
11-19-01 04:07
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being the fucking garbage master that i am
1.don't worry about cameras if strip malls don't want you dumping in their trash they lock the can.
2.being a trash man for a long while has tought me something. for what i'm beeing payed i could care less what you throw out unless it's pics of naked chicks or your wife or a dead body.
3.if you want to get rid of trash toss it at your work get there early before anyone else. and you know what kind of security they have.
4.paper can bee burnt in a grill
5.and trust me when i say when i dump a can i see 100 packs of ephidrine how gives a fuck just as long as it doesn't rain on me all fucking day.
6.the piggies have taken trash out of my truck right after i picked it up from a house. look out your window if i cycle it throw the truck it could bee anyones thrash.
7.and yes before i was a member the hive the next week i went up to the door of the house and told them because i had nothing to hide.
8.remember the average trash man pics up about 20 tons of trash a day! who gives a fuck what you throw out! just as long as it DOESN'T RAIN ON ME ALL FUCKING DAY!!!
9.i am a thash man in one of the largest cities so pm me if you have any questions it's the only good advice i can give because i don't know shit about chemistry. but that will change.

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11-19-01 10:43
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if someone is under investigation...their garbage may be collected and examined...for up to months before they come knocking and/or banging (read eulesis story) so swim would say dont throw out at ones own house even if the bag is see-proof

my suggestion is to black bag it 2 X and bring to a dumpster in a housing complex or something similar that seems a few people have said for the past few posts but swim thinks taking prints off would be worthless only because to get even 90% of all would take longer than the RXNS do...i dont know though...swim would say forget about the prints because they are everywhere

and never throw anything in the garbage in front of your house incase it is being collected...the TOILET takes most of the small very imcriminating garbage such as used cotton funnels...and a few days of stored grabage should take the rest

if somebody is being watched the garbage could get the warrent (along with a million other things) but it could possibly be a very big  protection...could be the difference between knocking with questions rather than banging with warrents...(i guess it really doesnt matter because if they think bad...they will pretend they smell ether or the like....garlic bandaides dont leave

hope this helps

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11-19-01 21:10
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Yes in one dumpster throw the Heet bottles, in the other Pseudo and in the third road flares. Dumpsters should be well apart from each other. Or burn it and throw the remaining shit away.
Give me some chemicals and I'll give you pleasure.
(Hive Bee)
11-19-01 21:29
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All of the sugestions are good ones.  When teh cops tried to bust me back 2 years ago for
makin bombs they went through the garbage and DID NOT NEED A WARRANT.  Since its refuse its
anyones fair game (Bill collectors, private eyes, etc)  Good suggestions... I might add that
finding a spot to melt everything down (heet bottles, psudo wrappers) might bee better if
you have the means to do it.  Maybe the fireplace if ya'll have one.  Yucky Poisionous
Plastic fumes though... (possibly more dependin on whats your throwin away... and where its been)

Thanks guys

Gott Mit Uns!
11-19-01 22:52
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one last thing when you do throw trash in a dumpster make sure its a front loader. they are usually larger and they have pockets on each side for the forks to lift it. the guys in the front loaders never get out to check whats inside. unless it's in a fenced in area were the driver has to get out to open the doors to get to the can. bigger cans are better.

i'm all for a ruling class because i rule.
11-20-01 23:46
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In SWIG's town, you can be cited for dumping trash in a dumpster not your own. You CAN be. Hardly ever happens. Cops have much more interesting things to do (they think.)
For two years SWIG's trash went into the office dumpster a little early on the morning it got emptied. Now and again other businesses would fill the dumpsters and the shit would have to sit in the trunk. Had to leave early one warm day and drive a long way to get the smell out. SWIG got more cautious after that.

One morning someone else had filled the dumpster to get rid of the remains of a birch. Hell, a whole box of stuff was in there, and a five gallon gas can all taped over, carefully placed. The boss sees the stuff and figures what's going on. He calls the cops. Cops swarm the can. DEA gets called in. Take all sorts of things out. Twenty feet away sits my vehicle with a loaded trunk. Glad as hell I'd become more cautious about putting stuff in the trash. No leaks, no wet stuff wrapped once, etc. It was windy and cool that day. Worked late that day. When I left no one else was around, and I dumped my bags in the dumpster like I had the right to. No one even noticed.

The paper had an article about the find. The DEA man talked about the ammonia method and then talked about the traces of red phosphorous they found in the bottom of the dumpster. Hey---not mine!  Turns out I was one of many using the dumpster for that purpose.

The cops upped surveillance for a while. Then it cooled off. What I learned was to hide in plain sight. I still use the dumpster. I use it when I first get to work. I get the trash out of my trunk and throw it in like I am supposed to be doing that. I don't even check what is in the dumpster anymore. I'll throw it in right in front of a cop and wave at him. And go in the back door.

If they do check it out, they will find some bags of regular trash with mail and such in it and my name all over it. And they'll find some bags with nothing but incriminating evidence. And the bags are black. And they are not the same type.

"No, officer, just had those bags of trash. Yep the ones with the ties. No, don't know about those. Yeah those druggies dump that shit here all the time. You need to keep an eye out for them if you can. Thanks, by the way, for watching out for us."

Yes. It works.
Since then I've been having fires with the spent solvents, burn up what I can burn, smash what I can't, and bag what's left up 3x with opaque bags. These are carefully carried to the house of a friend and left in his garage. He puts them in his trash bin the morning the trash trucks come. Never go the house on schedule. Never make a pattern.

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11-21-01 03:23
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Much easier method..

Cat- D-10,

Big fuckin hole..




Forget it.

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. Murphy's Law
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11-21-01 08:33
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dump your spent solvents in the municipal water supply of your rival town.

Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
(Hive Bee)
11-21-01 11:06
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dump your spent solvents in the municipal water supply of your rival town.

A very unfriendly act, to say the leastfrown