malvaxman (Hive Bee)
11-20-01 23:11
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A 35 year old chemist in Stockholm has been cought trying to produce 140kg of amphetamine. Hundreds of diffrent chemicals and highly advanced technical equipment was found.
The chemist was freed by the court, while he claimed that he was not trying to produce amphetamine but deuterioamphetamine!!!
Deuterioamphetamine is amhetamine with the normal hydrogen isotope changed against deuterium!!

I wonder what the DEA would say about this; "NO!! you cant take my the plastic bag full of 5kg white crystals which I have under my bed it`s not meth, NO I am a honest man, meth I would NEVER even tuch!! itīs  deuteriomethamphetamine.
So now... what about some deuteriometh deuteriocoke ect. ect..
Has anyone any idea how to do?
(Chief Bee)
11-21-01 01:57
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There is NO question about deuterioamphetamine being considered an analog of a controlled substance under the Analogs Act, regardless of where the deuterium goes on the molecule. Hydrogen and deuterium are exactly the same element, just different isotopes. Take the carbons in the meth molecule for example. 99% of them are Carbon-12, but 1% of them are Carbon-13. Wouldn't those molecules that contain a Carbon-13 be methamphetamine too?

And consider just one more thing. What would the estimated production cost of deuterioamphetamine be?

(Hive Bee)
11-21-01 05:05
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But does the DEA and the Analogs Act have any authority in Stockholm ?  Seriously ?

 Got a little vial of D20 right here and the thought had occurred. smile
(Hive Bee)
11-21-01 15:25
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Malv... I do not think the storie is true. For some years ago, a chemist was  convicted (I am sure :) for the same crime in sweden, i think the story has changed a bit by the time (as they often doo)
11-21-01 17:18
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In many european countries deuterated analogs are indeed not illegal per se smile.
11-21-01 18:13
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after that clandestine lab incident, the medical products agency in sweden ruled that deuterioamphetamine is under swedish law equivalent to regular amphetamine for all practical purposes. the only thing deemed important was the chemical structure of the drug, and not the isotopes of the included atoms. 

here is the actual ruling from Dec 20, 1999:
(Old P2P Cook)
11-22-01 21:25
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There is NO question about deuterioamphetamine being considered an analog of a controlled substance under the Analogs Act
Actually, if a deuterated amphetamine was considered to be an amphetamine analog under the U.S. Analog Act then it would not be a Scheduled substance and could be legally manufactured and sold without the necessity of any licenses as long as it was not sold for use as a drug. This is why things such as DPT can be sold OTC in the U.S. despite (or actually because of) the Analog Act. Read Shulgin's exposition on the U.S. Analog Act (in PIHKAL or TIHKAL) as it was applied by a Court of Appeal in overturning the conviction of someone for selling AMT.

(Hive Bee)
11-24-01 07:20
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    Thats just why the designer laws in US were enacted in the wake of MDMA being banned after becoming widely popular while still legal then being superceded by (legal analogue)MDA, etc., etc. The narco swine realized the chemists had them beat in an endless chase with a slow court system Vs. swift chemists, and passed the fascist law.
  Before the DDlaws, some dude in SW USA, Tx I think, mfd and gave away a pound or so of an unrestricted new PCP variant he cooked up. Those were the days.
  What the scene needs to do now is invent fun drugs with NO restricted relatives. I'll take a key of 3-amino unnilquintium propen-2-ol bozakenoate dihydrate. I think I saw the synth on the meth board.