ZZACk (Newbee)
11-23-01 15:04
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I've tried this many times with ipa/acetone or ethyl ether. it dosen't dissolve in ipa well or much better in meoh. i haven't tried acetonitrile yet but its on the to do list. best ever distilled freebase mixed with acetone 1:7 then gassed after cooling. also tried neoutralizing with ipa wgassed with ipa and allowed to sit in freezer for larger xtals.
any hints here?

Go Ugly Early
(Pioneer Researcher)
11-23-01 18:20
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Yes, IPA is not the option for MDA, methanol would be better.
Neutralizing with IPA gassed and then acetone seems a very good way.
(Hive Bee)
11-24-01 03:03
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Maybee make the sulfate instead
(Hive Bee)
11-24-01 07:37
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dissolve freebase in ether then add isopropynol that has been mixed with sulphuric acid, till neutralsmile
11-25-01 11:14
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swim used to make the sulphate with sulfurc 20% in ipa, added to dcm, but diden't get big xtals.
it seems the freebase in acetone thing worked for him the best for big white chunks, want to try the acetonitrile thing though for single solvent xtalization. ipa gassed whtn ipa plus diititional ips and let sit in freezer worked also well.

Go Ugly Early