malvaxman (Hive Bee)
11-25-01 22:50
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      P2P from Benzylchloride (via Dibenzyl zinc)  Bookmark   

"P2P from Benzylchloride (via Dibenzyl zinc)

Tis is all quite interesting but the dibenzyl zinc or dibenzyl cadmium route is much better and much quicker with no dimerization and no catalysts needed Add a slight excess of Mg to freshly dried/distilled benzyl chloride (vapor phase thru anhydrous CaCl2 will do nicely) in about 3x mol. of dry Et2O or THF add 1/2 equiv of freshly dried Zinc chloride or Cadmium Chloride as quickly as possible while still keeping things halfway tame (don't overun the reflux) When reaction has subsided add one equiv. acetic anhydride dropwise until reaction is finished. Quench in dilute HCl/ice water - yield 80~90%"

What is this "dibenzyl zink" how does it look, and what properties could it have?tongue
11-26-01 08:41
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'dibenzyl zink'
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