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11-27-01 11:23
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I ordered 5kgs of supposed koh 85% flakes, i notice when the pellete are set in a semi sealed jar they quickly convert to a liquid. if i weighed out the desired amount of dried pellets and let them liquify, could i just add them to the boiling sass at 2g per 100g sass and just reflux off the excess h20  15% until that it all evaporated and turned to the higher boiling iso?
any help appreciated

Go Ugly Early
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11-27-01 11:35
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Yes, either you don't attach the reflux condenser until all the water has evaporated, or you use Osmium's vacuum reflux method, which sucks out the water vapor through the vacuum connection.
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11-27-01 12:42
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Do NOT let them intentionally liquify!

The manufacturer worked overtime using lots of energy to produce a solid product. Don't make them cry like little babies by letting the pellets soak up water from the air!
11-27-01 16:32
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maybe then weigh the large pellets out and put them into a large blender to turn to flakes then add directly to iso?
just a thought

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