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11-28-01 16:01
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      GBL - BDO seperation?  Bookmark   

If one had a mix of the two and wanted to seperate them to leave extremely pure GBL for consumption by dogs, but still retrieve the BDO for the cat.
What would be the most effective/efficient?
BP is only 25c apart, so that's no good or a major pain at the least.
I was thinking of adding NaOH, convert to GHB, and then distill off all that water and BDO, but worry that it would just end up with a steaming pile of shit, as the last of the water evaps and then any remaing BDO, that didn't leave with the steam, starts to burn.

Well? Is there something I am missing? I am sure I could work out some 20 stage procedure requiring some expensive, prohibited solvents in multiple washes and re-crystalisations, but I've been up too long.

....and please, No replys like, "Why don't you just swallow it all?" Just because we're chem-hack-wanabees, doesn't mean we can't behave like professionals. Purity is Numero Uno!


(Chief Bee)
11-28-01 16:52
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How did the compounds get mixed in the first place? How much of each in percentage?

I would guess that basifying the mixture and extracting the aqueous phase with a non-polar solvent would eventually remove the BD, but let the NaGHB stay in the water.
(irritable and cranky)
11-29-01 17:47
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At a guess, the mix is probably 5-20% BDO.