Vibrating_Lights (Hive Bee)
12-09-01 00:06
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Has any one attempted a bromination with the Br Dissolved in dcm added dropwise to a solution of 2-CH in Dcm.  Basicly Swims friends do not have to worry about producing Br in DCM then having to transfer it to AA.  external cooling would no doubt be nescesary due to the heat generated.  So Watdauthink
(Pioneer Researcher)
12-10-01 02:33
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I've thought to make it with ether, the hydrobromide thinking in an easy work up of the salt, just filter and wash a little, but I've never tried it.
External cooling will be necessary because the bromination is exothermic, but could be controlled adding the bromine solution dropwise and slowly. I should use ether instead of DCM, the salt will be less soluble.
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12-10-01 17:01
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You might also be able to do this reaction by generating the Br2 in situ. Dissolve your 2C-H in diluted H2SO4 containing NaBr and add 30% H2O2 dropwise with good stirring at 0-10C.
(Hive Bee)
12-10-01 19:28
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Swim tried that procedure some time ago, but alas no crystals precipated out the the soln. I think that you might have to make A/B extraction on the product if you follow that proc.

(Chief Bee)
12-10-01 21:09
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You should do an acid/base extraction anyway, to remove excess bromine and the dark-colored byproducts. Are everybody taking shortcuts all the time?
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12-11-01 00:57
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> Are everybody taking shortcuts all the time?

As long as they poison themselves and nobody else we should let them take all the shortcuts they want wink
(Hive Bee)
12-11-01 04:08
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The plan was to produce the Br2 in that fashion but do it before hand then sep the dcm layer sothe h2SO4 could not possibly fuck it up.