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12-12-01 07:14
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"He knows of the killers past,
yet he fears not.
For sooth, he most asuredly is a dumbass!"


I feel the need to make some Meth via Ephedrine/HI via Benzaldehyde/fermentation and I2/H2S, because I never really liked me much anyway!

Here is where I am... comment on whatever you like, but where I would really appreciate some feedback in on the synth of HI!

I've made some benzalehyde

   Toluene + O2 -> Benzaldehyde using suspended TiO2 as catalylist. 

The chemistry seemed to work well, but the effort was cut short by the unfortunately high degree of solubility the device exihbited with relation to toluene.  So I have now rebuit the photo-oxidation chamber with all surfaces exposed to the solvent constructed from Glass or machined from 1" Teflon plate (the real stuff, not tape or paint).  Havn't tested new device, but will do so tomorrow.  This is actually my fourth iteration, the first was just to stupid to complete, the second used pyrex to seperate the UV source(UV floresent used for bacteria reduction in aquariums), I later discovered that pyrex filters out UV.  What a bummer, cuz it looked great!  The third iteriation produced some benzaldehude as it turned to a noodle like lump. 

But you know what they say, fourth times a charm, and this time we mean it too!

   Benzalddehyde + Sugar + yeast + h20 -> LPAC

Put trivial amount of benzaldehyde into a 3l solution of activated yeast, bubbled a while, then I got way too busy.  Its been their about a week.  I bet it's fucked, but I'll do a extraction for the practice, then we will see.

   sumthin + sumthin -> MethylAmine

I had one picked off of rhod's site, but havn't done it yet.  Intend to refamiliarize myself with all the options tomorrow, after some sleep.  Any reconendations are welcome.

   lPAC + MethylAmine -> Ephedrine

I had hoped to use Clayfen / Microwave for Reductive Amination

   I2 + H2S + adrenalin -> HI

Here is where the villan makes his entrance.  And our path villan RedP makes its exit.

   Ephedrine + HI -> Meth

If I get this far, I'll already be smiling.

No, I'm not stupid, uniformed or nieve about the lethal nature of H2S.  I have a bumber sticker that reads "H2S cures meth cooks!!!", so no speeches please.  I have completed a number of safty measures.  The first of which is the lexan box,  not a lexan box but THE LEXAN BOX with the full OVERTWEEKER option package.  It's 14" x 14" x 30" that is 1" thick on the front, back, top and bottom and 2" thick on the sides.  The box has been well fused and pressure tested to 5+ atm.  If the welds were done correctly, and they appear to be, it should contain over 75 atm before it reaches any critical falure point on paper.  Against my pleading, the gov of Minnesota went after this box with a sledge, he is currently listed as hopfull... the sledge didn't make it.

If I knew how to post pic's without having to setup a anonymous site, I have some pics of the box that shouldn't breach my anomymity.  (The only part of me that shows is the last couple feet of my dick.)

I also intend to produce a mizerly ratio of gas and fucking use it all damit.  I hope to 'vent' 0.0000 to the air.  In order to do this I plan to have a mechanically controlled h2s generator produce the gass in-sutuwink to create a gas pocket within a shallowly angled tube of auquious iodine.  I will then use a custom built peristalic pump to cycle the H2S from the gas pocket at the top of the tube to the bottom, where it will slowly return to the pocket.  By repeatedly bubbling the same H2S, the amount of h2s that would exist at any given point in time can be kept quite small.  As the pocket dissapears a tiny bit more is produced to replentish.  So bottom line, any leak can only leak so much gas, unless my generator goes super-critical.  In that case, I have lexan for africa, 2 isreali gas masks certified for protection against h2s and a quench evacuate method to clear the gas from the box (after I go clear my pants that is).

       -------------            ----------
   +->-|h2s pocket |-->-->-->-->|gas pump|
   |   --------\   \            ----------
   |            \ I \               |
   |             \ O \              |
   |              \ D \             |
   |               \ I \            |
  ---------------   \ N \           |
  |h2s generator|    \ + \          |
  ---------------     \ H \         |
                       \ 2 \        |
                        \ 0 \       |
                         \   \<--<--+

The angle of the auqious iodine reaction tube would be far more horizontal to slow down the bubbles improving the gas/liquid interaction.

Finally I have an h2s detector that I found at a high end hardware store to signal all's clear.  The all-clear is tough with h2s because you stop smelling the gas right before it start to fuck around with LD50.  No sniff tests for this bee!

I read an off-handed comment about NaOH being a good - 'DIE, DIE you stankacious bitch' pacification option for H2S.  Can I get a confirm on this one?  Also guidance on duration and activity of this quench process would find an enthusiastic audience in these parts.  I pretty much plan to do the reaction in a bubble suspended inside the box, which is literally topped off with quench juice.  If the bubble holding the reaction failes, it lets quench in, instead of letting h2s out.  Both would still be contained within the polymer fishtank from hell.

I intend to produce h2s inside that bubble, by exposing iron sulfide to sulfuric acid.  My current intent is to physically seperate the solid and liqiud after a breif reaction and gage the result then proceed with patience.  Other than producing the gas from Ben Ladens wet dreams, does this reaction hold and nasty suprises that might intefere with physical control.  I had intended to lower the tip of a thin spike of iron sulfate until it just touches the surface of the acid.  Then gage the volume of gas that gathers at the top of the aquious iodine solution.  Once I have a pocket i'll start the gas circulation pump.  By monitoring the volume of gas produced, I can estimate the quantity consumed to gage completion.  One question that has never left the back of my mind is whether unreacted h2s would disalve or become suspended in the aquious carrier and later do a decarbonation like release of 'o-shit' gas. 

Well, let the pity flames begin.  If I don't respond tonight, I fell asleep, not "other".


And on the eight day, God created Meth...
... and hasn't done much of anything usefull since!