boingo (Newbee)
12-13-01 18:27
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50 g. of finely ground mhrb was extracted 3x with 200 mL
acidic solution (800 mL 2H2O w/ 25 mL 28% muriatic).
Combined extracts (cherry red in color) were combined and
buchnered, then placed in fridge to await further processing.  over the course of a couple of days, a fair amount of particulate matter fell out of solution.  what
might this stuff be?  is it safe to filter? boingo's friend assumes the nn-DMT will stay in solution, but wants to make sure.

12-13-01 21:49
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Maybe also some polymeric oxidation products and stuff of low solubility that falls out on cooling. But you're right, the tryptamines should stay in solution. They are a bit unstable there, but a few days (- weeks) in that acidic solution in the fridge should be ok.
(Hive Bee)
12-14-01 08:13
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How unstable is `a bit unstable'
12-14-01 18:44
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The stability of tryptamines depends on many factors:

- free base or a salt (usually salts are stable)
- pH of a solution (extremes are to be avoided)
- degree of amino substitution (tryptamine < N-Methyl-tryptamines < N,N-dimethyltryptamines (bases) )
- I also think that impurities affect stability, but don't ask me which ones

But as I said, a few days to weeks in the fridge should be ok.

(Somebody posted a link about indole stability a few months ago)