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12-18-01 19:49
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For the amalgamation.....If you used a 40%  amine solution where half of the 40% was methylamine and the other half was ammonia  for the amalgmation addition would it be possible to get MDA and MDMA in close proportions out of your reaction?

elf  would like to think so.....but thinks that one will have a clear preference (stab in the dark - the MDMA goes first).

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12-18-01 21:05
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Yields for the NH3/Al/Hg are low, like 20% or so. Yields for the MeNH2/Al/Hg are much higher, around 80%. So as a first approximation your honey will probably contain 4:1 MDMA:MDA. In reality the outcome might be much different though. No way to predict unless someone tries it out.
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12-18-01 21:47
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What you're saying is......the methylamine would probably completely overpower the ammonia because it's a more favourable reaction.

Maybe some adjusting of the ratio of ammonia to methylamine in the 40% solution would help. So that the methylamine is used up and a large molar excess of ammonia remains for the last part of MDP-2-P.

With the low MDA yields stated elf would settle for good ol' MDMA.

To find out if it worked you would have to make a capsule of your product and send it to ecstasydata.org to get a GC-MS reading.

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12-19-01 09:55
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or crystallize in DCM which should dissolve the MDMA and precipitate the MDA, then strip off solvent and recrystallize MDMA out of alcohol. might give a crude idea of the ratios being produced.