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12-18-01 22:04
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Does any one have any recomendations on setting up a labortory enviroment for mass shroom cultivation working with a room lines with floor to ceeling shelvev with full climate control. possibly over 1000 dishes.
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12-18-01 22:16
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That's quite a homework project there. cool

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12-19-01 13:39
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Remember to use hepa filters and good ventilation. You should join the shroomery and ask the advanced myco crowd, or email ryche hawk.
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12-19-01 18:41
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possibly over 1000 dishes.
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12-20-01 11:30
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Buy the Mushroom Cultivator by Paul Stamets and J.S. Chilton...its the bible.

possibly over 1000 dishes.


Oh yeah, you could also look at the fungiperfecti website for climate control systems.

Why would you need a thousand petris though? The whole idea of agar work is to isolate productive strains and then use them for expansion of mycelial mass through grain to grain transfers...I suppose if you were doing multiple species and required a constant rotating catalog of genetics, but why not just do agar slants and keep em cold? I think the bigger issue would be where your going to find a thousand half gallon jars....

Bulk composting would probably be the most efficient way to go about this, rather than a sterile lab...agar to grain to bulk grain to compost.

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01-02-02 14:09
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Damn, wish I had the time for such activities... 

I would be sure to do them in rotation... not all 2000 at once, break it up into schedules so that you have a different set bloomin each week....

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01-09-02 10:41
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just buy a few hundered extra large autoclavable spawn bags and some filter patches, toss in the substrate and autoclave etc. etc. etc., If you want a one big thing, wait for spring and grow outdoors, you get huge yields and it's very low maintanence. Virtually no sterility needed. If you wanna know about the spawn bag idea, buy a kit from fungo perfecti, they have the type of bags i speak of. peeeace
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01-25-02 03:37
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Geez, If you wamt to go pro this is the way.
Take an old 20 to 30 foot mobile home and gut it so it is one big room. Should be located some place seculted but with power you will need lots of it. Cover the walls and celling with heavy plastic. Build in your shelving with half inch plywood and 2x4's in a single wide you can get 3 or 4 rows or one on each wall and one down the middle if you just use the whole sheet. now when you go vertical make them 2 feet appart so you will have in essense say 3 rows going length wise and 4levels high. each section is like a big trayjust boarder the plywood and use 2x4's going up for support. line them or not makes no difference. Hey just use sterlized manaure kill any fungus you dont want with a quick zap of lyesold in the can. It takes about 6 weeks and then you better have your drying cutting and bagging ready and dont forget about the 6 to 8 helpers as every 2 hours you will need 2 people to harvest the next batch yes they come up that fast. Most important in a setup like this and I almost forgot is to have strings of 100 Watt light bulbs over each tray about 2 or 3 feet apart this provides the warmth and aids in rapid directed growth. That is why you need lots of power. It would be best if you can jumper the meater part of the time each month or you will have jhonny law wondering why you have a 300 to 900 power bill suddenly.
PCubiness seams to like it like this quite a bit and look real nice too when properly dried.

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01-29-02 00:36
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swim was dreamin of extractn the psilobin of mass ammounts to purify and dissolve in little bottles of alcohol to replenish the acid drought our part of the world is experiencing. somebody make some fucking crystals