boingo (Newbee)
12-23-01 17:33
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After struggling along with major emulsions when attempting to extract dmt from mhrb, SWIB came
across an erowid posting (and learned a new word - "amphoteric") that indicated that most of the tars and other useless substances are soluble at a very low pH, but fall out of solution at a slightly higher pH.  Experimentation showed this to happen around pH 5.  It leaves a gray/brown precipitate thay may be easily gravity filtered out.  The question, of course, is at this pH, is there a tendency for the DMT to come out of solution, too?
SWIB assumes that as long as the solution is at least mildly acidic, the DMT will stay in the aqeuous phase.
(Hive Bee)
12-25-01 10:39
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I think the ph of dmt is like 7.48 or something . . . it's in the merck.  You should be cool so long as you're lower than that.  Erowid has a testing site on its reciprocal link page that has tryptmaine test kits, and would give you goo info as to the crossing over of the shimmerin' light.

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