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12-25-01 09:37
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Any bees ever dream this one with piperonal?

How about the variation of this reaction in toluene with a Dean Stark water trap?

In this variation, after the reaction, the toluene layer is transfered to a 3 neck RBF along with water, Iron metal powder and iron chloride with a mechanical stirrer, addition funnel with HCL and is refluxed while dripping HCL into the flask.  The yield of P2P (from both procedures) is supposed to be much better than the nitroalkene synthesis where the water trap is not used.  But what about MDP2P?

Any insight is GREATLY appreciated!!!  I did use TFSE but had no luck with ethylenediamine.

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12-25-01 21:44
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See ../rhodium/chemistry /edda.html for trials with the acetate salt of ethylenediamine. Strange results reported when used with piperonal.
12-27-01 04:24
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Why is it that nobody uses a water trap and NP solvent?  An effective trap could be made by placing a still head on the RBflask, the condenser on top of the still head, and then a small flask on the side of the still head filled with the np solvent.  The whole apparatus would have to be tilted to the side so that the small flask used as a trap could be level, but it would work!!  Better make sure the NP solvent is less dence than water!

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12-27-01 05:06
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You really should keep your poorly informed ramblings to yourself.
12-27-01 07:52
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blush I think I'm in love!!!