menthol_man (Hive Bee)
12-30-01 08:55
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After you do an LAA extraction from MG seeds
can you use ethanol as the solvent and put it
on blotter paper like LSD?  I know you need a
lot more LAA to get the same /similar trip as
you would get from lsd.  Would this make the paper
look or feel funny?  Would the LAA come off the
paper somehow?  Could you work out a one hit trip
(I ws wondering if it would cake up into a gummy wax
that got everywhere ruining everything...

Gott Mit Uns!
(Old P2P Cook)
12-30-01 15:54
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Going to put LAAs on blotter paper and try to sell it to the kids at school as LSD?
(Distinctive Doe)
12-31-01 20:05
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Thats what it sounds like to me.

Do Your Part to Win the War, fuck money and quit lying to people.
01-02-02 22:29
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Why would you want to put it on blotter paper? To my knowlege LAA has never really been shown to be psycedelic in nature, ie. not an lsd substitute at all. It has been shown to have sedative properties, and I must say that in my experience of eating woodrose seeds whole I have experienced only sedation myself. I believe that LAA is listed as a schedule II controlled sedative, although I am not sure.
(Distinctive Doe)
01-03-02 19:31
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Lysergic acid amides can definately bee hallucinogenic, however the only meaningful experiences I had with them were mixed with shrooms.  Result is a sleepy acid like trip, wierd.

Foxy is doin just fine.
(Hive Bee)
01-03-02 20:08
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No offense but this topic is dumb and shouldn't bee in this forum.
01-25-02 13:00
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The active dosage of LAA or LSA would be prohibitive to the usage of blotter paper, at least on a .5cm[sup]2 piece of paper.  So the answere to the question is yes, and no, if you are plannign to lay it into blotter as an LSD sub, then you would be way off track; however if you were just curious about the ability for it to work, then yes probably.

Now for some real fun if you don't mind quarter sheet sized pieces of paper try 5meo-amt into paper . . . of course just something swim told me.

So you need a precursor, to a precursor, just to make a precursor?
01-25-02 18:01
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Yes, my buddy has said the same thing about 5meoDIPT. He used to lay it out on thick blotter however the squares were around 3/4" .  A few years ago in swids area, there was alot of mdma laid out on perferated paper tabs. Yes it WAS mdma, it only lasted about 2-3 hours and tested purple with easy tests. The only problem with this is that one has to actually taste the chemical that is on the paper. It is much easier to transport via fed ex or whater courier one chooses to use, but you have to chew and swallow-yuck
01-25-02 21:57
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Yeah, there is no real point in putting anything on paper that has a bad taste. I mean, the only reason they even put acid on paper is just the ease in making out doses. Much easier to dissolve in alcohol, and brush on, then to weigh out hundreds of 100mcg doses.  It is a novel way of transporting illegal things more safely though. It would be rather inconspicuous to send a bunch of thick paper sheets, rather then a bunch of pills hidden in god knows what-movie cases, and the like.  Like I said for the longest while paper mdma's were around and even though they tasted like shit, they were good and came in a novel form. Novel packaging is definately a way to boost underground prices, and demand. One example is acid on scored geletin squares.... Just by looking different it goes for more expensive...or the stamp in a pill. The more knowlegeable of us knows that these things are all just BS but they do influence demand in a big way.
Me personally...... I would rather just swallow a pill.