cain (Stranger)
01-07-02 20:22
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smile check this out the data base from hell, plus a molecule editor, and lots of info that might bee handy
it has a robot text that keeps webcrawlers and spiders from finding it on a search.  so you might bookmark. all courtesy of us gov.
thanks for everything

(Ubiquitous Precursor Medal Winner)
01-07-02 23:47
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Nice to know the National Cancer Institute has got Chem-X software. Sorry to hear they haven't got the Inorganic Module. Well, I know what it's like, to live on a budget.

turning science fact into <<science fiction>>
(Chief Bee)
01-08-02 01:52
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I want an index.html for all this!
(Hive Bee)
01-08-02 02:22
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Hey Rhodium... Since it may bee helpful to all the
bees Im running a web spider on the site so I will
have a copy of every file.  How would you like me
to give you the file?  Can I ftp it somewhere so everyone
can benifit from this database?  I'd hate to see it
get password protected and everyone lose out on it.

laugh Our tax dollars at work! laugh

Gott Mit Uns!
(Chief Bee)
01-08-02 02:58
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Put it all on a account and I'll download it for future reference, but I don't promise to place it on my page, it is somewhat off topic for that.