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01-12-02 07:59
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I am not sure exactly what I am asking here, so let me ramble abit. My curiosity stems from pihkal write-ups regarding the pharmachology of amphetamines, and especially their ring brominated counterparts.

I wish there was a write-up for 6,bromoMDA because i am familiar with MDA and reading activity accounts of its bromo der. might answer my question.

I've also noticed that with most of DMA's when brominated require very small fractions of the original dose to be active and often for largely extended periods of time.

I'm curious why this is, what realtionship of functional groups to the bromine atom, favour increased activity or decreased. Are there any overriding characteristics apparent in different bromo amphetamines. Or anything else on the subject you care to add.

Anyone try bromo-MDA? Any reading beyond pihkal that might help?
01-12-02 19:31
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anybody? i thought you bees got out more.
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01-12-02 20:15
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Well, the spelling nazi is awake - it is "pharmacology" not "pharmachology".