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01-12-02 16:10
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i know another phalaris question.this one doesnt have a specific answer.im just looking for a general concensus.ive read many pos.and neg.about phalaris as a source.negs include impurities,large amount of material to be proccessed and so on.ive also heard that fresh phalaris treated right gives a reletively pure expierience.i have no desire to ever let 5-meo into my body again.i shudder to think of it.my question is this.if a small plot were started,would it be worth my while to grow the phalaris?whats the deal with the turkish red?would i be better off growing desmanthus?ive heard nothing about impurities from them.like i said im just looking for guidance from those who have been there done that.thanx
01-31-02 01:00
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I lived in a location where there is no American drug war
and DMT is of no concern to the government because they
are too busy trying to feed the starving masses and fight
off the guerilla forces in the hills.
While there I grew the Phalaris strain known as Turkey
Now this plant contains mostly the 5-meo-dmt and this
compound is very strong and very very nice.
I got high on it every night for over 5 months.
It grows outside like a weed in the summer, and in the
winter months grows even much faster under the halides
with the pot.
I sing its praises.
A magnetic stirer hotplate is essential for rapid acid
base extraction of the alkaloids. One week from start
to finish.
Now that I am back in the US, I have put aside such
foolishness and now spend most of my time kissing government
ass--waving the flag--and trying to spot terrorists.frown
(Hive Bee)
01-31-02 20:51
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Where I live Phalaris is very rare. In fact, almost no one knows it's hidden value. Do you have any pics to post? It would be very helpfull for the ones trying to spot the right bush.

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