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01-14-02 11:28
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Can Cuprous Chloride be made from cupric chloride? The only difference is the extra water molecules on the end right? Like Epsoms and magnesium sulfate. And why is cuprous considered a hazardous material. Cause its anhydrous! Cupric is cheap not hazmat so wondering if you could heat cupric to lose those H20 molecules or some other way to do it.
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01-14-02 11:35
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Check the formulae for those compounds, water is not the only difference between them. They are two different salts, cuprous contains copper in its +1 ionic state, while cupric contains copper in its +2 ionic state.


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01-15-02 02:14
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Vice versa is cheaper energetically. If you had cuprous chloride, it would bee facile to convert it to cupric copper (II) salt by oxidation, particularly in solution. Reduction's a little tougher, with air around and all.

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01-15-02 02:18
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../rhodium/chemistry /cucl.txt
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01-15-02 07:04
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the CL ions will fuck up the product in a wacker.  the salt is easy to make.
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01-15-02 18:38
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"the CL ions will fuck up the product in a wacker.  the salt is easy to make."

What did they say?

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01-16-02 01:58
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VL_ translation"  the monkey stuck his finger in the banana,  swallowed some copper, and pissed out some ketone"
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01-16-02 02:13
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Cupric chloride is used to regenerate the palladium chloride catalyst here.  ../rhodium/chemistry /wacker.krv.txt
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01-16-02 04:05
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VL_ translation II
Don't fuck with the O2 wacker unless you got the DMF.  If ya got the palladium then get some fucking benzoquinnone. Palladium is too expensive to waste when you could just go with benzo wacker. Count the Positive comments vs. the negative comments of each rxn and you make the choice.