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01-15-02 22:45
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01-15-02 23:00
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Uh oh, looks like you didn't read the rules on the way in. No cross-posting. Don't post the same thing in more than one forum. As pennance you must say 15 UTFSE's (Use The Fucking Search Engine, it is our prayer around here).
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01-16-02 01:35
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After brominating your freebase it is also nescesary to convert to the HCL salt. 
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01-16-02 06:32
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form the HCl salt necessary? not at all, in fact a HBr salt should be formed as side reaction to the ring bromination albeit with strictly stoichmetric HBr evolution. It may be isolated as the crude immediately, or freebased and precipitated as the salt of your choice. HCl being amongst the most common with the sulfate running in close second. I'm not convinced that an A/B accomplishes anything acetone and vac won't except to increase mechanical losses through increased handling. Reading pihkal, i gather most of the distilled freebases were distilled primarily for thier characterizations, which seemed more absolut as a freebase BP, than as a HCl MP.

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01-16-02 06:58
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Shulgin mentions variable hydration of the HBr salt to be a reason for making the HCl salt, to ensure consistent doses, but one H2O more or less may be negligible due to the high molecular weight of 2C-B.
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01-16-02 22:54
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Keep some HBr salt just in case you want to try snorting 2CB.