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01-22-02 13:29
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Hello all
I thought it would be cool if we can make 2CT's from vanillin, so I searched the hive and the only thing I get was conversion of the 4-OH of vanillin with P2S5 in a post of dormouse. The discussion said that the aldehyde would be converted too and that seem bad to me.

I went to my local university and do a search for thiovanillin: I got this ref:

New key compounds in cyclotriveratrylene chemistry.  Synthesis, optical resolution, absolute configuration and circular dichroism of C3-cyclotriveratrylenes with sulfur substituents.     Garcia, Chantal; Andraud, Chantal; Collet, Andre.    Unite Mixte Rech.,  Ec. Norm. Super. Lyon,  Lyon,  Fr.    Supramol. Chem.  (1992),  1(1),  31-45.  CODEN: SCHEER  ISSN: 1061-0278.  Journal  written in English.    CAN 118:147280    AN 1993:147280    CAPLUS 


Vanillin and isovanillin were converted via a Newman-Kwart rearrangement to thiovanillin and isothiovanillin, which on S-methylation and subsequent redn. of the aldehyde function gave 3-methoxy-4-methylthio- (I) and 4-methoxy-3-methylthiobenzyl alc. (II), resp. 

If someone can get this ref or know if the Newman-Kwart rearrangement is readily applicable it would be cool to share this info with us.

aloha PlaughiX
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01-22-02 13:55
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The rearrangement is pretty easy - a phenol is reacted with carbon disulfide or an alkyl derivative thereof, and the intermediate is pyrolyzed and hydrolyzed to give the thiophenol.


http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/search-bool.html can also be used with keywords such as "Newman-Kwart" or "phosphorus pentasulfide" together with "thiophenol" etc.
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01-22-02 13:58
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Also known as Newman-Karnes, related to the Chapman reaction.

http://www.arkat.org/arkat/journal/Named Reactions/Chapman.htm

Edit: ooops, Rhodium was faster...

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01-22-02 20:06
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Thank you two
I've got one more question: is the alkylthio group more directing or less than its alkoxy counterpart? ie: if we have 4 alkylthio 3 methoxy benzaldehyde, will it put the Br at the 6(2) (like 3,4 dimethoxy bd) or at the 5 position (vanillin)?

And if we have the bare thiol at the 4 without alkyl subst, will it orient at the 5 like vanillin or at the 6?

I hope you will say what I wanna heard and if so the vanillin would be a treasure of precursor!
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01-22-02 20:18
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The bare thiol will definitely be ortho-directing (5-position). I am not sure if the outcome of a bromination of a 3-alkoxy 4-alkylthio benzaldehyde will be in the 5- or 6- position, but you could probably search the patent literature for that, or somebody else here could tell us about it.